Strike Back 101: What You Should Know

Welcome to our very first Strike Back Day article!

As a way of starting things off properly, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a few of the things that you should know about this wonderful series that we encountered a little over a year ago.

The Guys

Strike Back Season 2

At the core of the series are the guys: Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) a British sergeant and Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), a former U.S. Delta Force operative. Their friendship forms a solid anchor to the show by allowing us to root for these guys and follow their journey as they face up to the dangers and challenges of the mission in front of them.

Section 20

The top-secret British intelligence agency that the guys work for, which is in charge of stopping terrorist threats wherever they are. The methods of the agency are bold, ruthless and determined. Once they are assigned a mission, they don’t relent until they get their target. If you are ever on their radar, it’s not a matter of if but when they get you. And chances are, when they do, you will be probably staring down the baril of an assault rifle held by either Stonebridge or Scott.

Action, Action, Action

No other series does action scenes like Strike Back.

They are big, always captivating and never cheezy. They often leave you with the “Oh Sh#$” face plastered all over you. Whether it is the car chases in the slums of South Africa or the firefights in the middle of the desert, you always get to watch heart-pumping, tension-filled action-packed scenes that manage to keep you on the edge of your seat.

International Intrigue

Get ready for some schooling because nowhere will you learn more about world politics that on Strike Back.

Unlike some series who just invent fictional countries with fictional problems, this show takes it a step further and uses real geo-political concerns and issues as the backdrop for their intrigue. Whether it is highlighting how intrinsically related human trafficking is to terrorism like in Season 1 or how Africa is currently at the center of a power struggle between different foreign interests, you will learn more watching a season of Strike Back than you would catching the evening news.

Nobody Is Perfect

I like my characters to feel real and not cut out of a comic-book. So many series fall into the trap of making their heroes too perfect but not Strike Back.

While the two main characters Stonebridge and Scott surely come off as highly competent operatives, all is not easy for them. For one, they have their own demons, that can be tied to their own past like Scott or their current family situations like Stonedbridge.

Furterhmore, instead of saddling them with TV problems (ie. problems that can easily be solved with 1-2 lines of dialogue), these guys are often confronted with complex, gut-wrenching choices that they don’t always get right, which makes them interesting to follow as we can relate to that frailty.


And that’s Strike Back in a nutshell. What else do you think newcomers should know about Strike Back? Chime in below with your thoughts or reach out to us on Twitter @tvequals.