[Exclusive Clip] Strike Back Season 2 Finale – Knox In Sight

As promised, as part of our Strike Back Day on TV Equals, we are really excited to share an exclusive clip from tonight’s season finale episode. In the clip, we find out that the team is still after Knox and get a trace on him after he calls his daughter.

Episode Synopsis: Scott questions Bryant about her role in Knox’s plan and appeals to her for help, but Scott’s dark past may dictate his course of action. Stonebridge attempts to focus on the mission, but is consumed bythoughts of revenge. South African police team up with Section 20 to find the nukes and Knox before he can carry out his plan.

So does the team finally get Knox? Well you’ll have to tune in tonight, October 12th, at 10pm on Cinemax to find out, but in the meantime, enjoy the clip, as well as a preview and more photos from the episode below. And make sure to stay tuned for an advance review of the finale to be published at 11am PT right here on TV Equals.

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