The Neighbors Season 1 Review “Things Just Got Real” – Girls’ and Boys’ Night Out, Zabvronian Style

The Neighbors Episode 3 Things Just Got Real (6)

Okay, let’s start off with some new stuff that we’ve learned about Zabvronians:

  • When Larry feels pain, the entire clan feels pain
  • Zabvronians honor their fathers with a very interesting clap and howl…thing.

These two things come into play during this episode, which involves Marty and Debbie wanting to hang out with their human friends. What they don’t anticipate on is Jackie and Larry thinking their non-invites meant they were invited to tag along.

In an effort to assimilate with Debbie’s human friends, Jackie emulates the New Jersey “real” housewives (Reggie, who is more assimilated into the culture than his parents, hooked his mother up with knowledge of the show). Of course, this causes Debbie’s  sangria-tinged girls’ night out to become something akin to the popular reality show, complete with secrets revealed, in-fighting, women degrading each other and Jackie’s confessions to the “camera,” which was really just one of the bar’s walls. Debbie eventually has enough and yells at Jackie, saying she didn’t want her to come along in the first place. Later on, after all of Debbie’s friends have stormed out, Debbie finds Jackie in the bathroom, depressed about ruining the evening. All Jackie wanted to do was fit in with Debbie’s human friends; she thought she was one of Debbie’s girlfriends. Debbie reassures their friendship, saying that Jackie is definitely one of her girlfriends, especially since they’re sitting on the floor of the bar bathroom crying.

Meanwhile, with Marty’s poker game/boys’ night in, Larry attempts to show Reggie that he is cooler than Marty and any other human at the table, much to Reggie’s chagrin. Reggie thinks Marty is awesome to be around and wants to learn more about human American culture, unlike Larry, who is still stuck to his old Zabvronian ways.

Larry embarrasses Reggie by making him do the father-honoring ritual mentioned above in front of Marty’s friends. Marty’s also embarrassed, but what he didn’t expect is from his friends (one of them being Matthew Glave, aka Glenn Gulia from The Wedding Singer) is confessional time about their fathers. A poker table is not the place for bonding and crying over fathers.

After the poker game, Reggie’s had enough of his father’s insistence on acting alien and says that all he wants is for his father to accept the fact that they are on Earth and that he must learn the ways of humans. Once Larry sees how disappointed his son is in him, he gets depressed, causing the entire neighborhood to become depressed. Eventually, with the help of Marty, Larry does come to terms with the fact that even though he doesn’t want his children to forget where they come from, it wouldn’t hurt to embrace some of the aspects of human life. Larry puts his newly-learned lesson into practice by finally getting Reggie a television–a television he stole from the Weavers.

It seems like the show is slowly picking up some sort of speed; three more scripts were ordered by ABC.  But I think the show should start pushing more on the oddball stuff before they go off the air. The more the creative the show gets, the better chances the show has for staying on the air.