The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “In the Club”

After another depressing weekend alone with red wine, Mindy decides she needs to break out of her regular rut in this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, “In the Club.”

The plot was incredibly simple and each character’s story revolved around something going on in the club. This streamlined approach worked very well for The Mindy Project and the simplicity of the story freed up room for a lot more comedic one-liners and gags.

Danny and Mindy’s bickering wasn’t as prominent this time around and it was easier to see them as friends instead of rivals. Although they were still competitive in the club, it was much more playful than in the episodes before and I found that I liked both of them in this kind of relationship more than in the coworkers-who-hate-each-other relationship.

Jeremy’s character is still underdeveloped and he desperately needs to become more than the guy who sleeps around. Morgan’s involvement in Jeremy’s seduction definitely made it more entertaining, but it wasn’t quite enough.

Morgan might be my favorite pick up for The Mindy Project. I was cracking up when he realized he could make tips by posing as a bathroom attendant and the more he got into his role, the funnier it became. The gag paid off perfectly with Morgan coming in confidently to save the day by using his earnings to pay off Betsy’s $300 tab in cash – only to have their server count out only $37.

Through the events in the club, we got a much better feel for the secondary characters in the office. The previously forgotten Betsy became the annoying drunk with hilariously dorky lines like “Dr. C! You look handsome like a youth minister!” and we saw Shauna as more than just a ditz with a Jersey accent.

Mindy’s foray into the VIP world with Amar’e Stoudemire, Baron Davis, Danny Granger, and their cocky “sports attorney” Josh was surprisingly cute. I appreciated that the humor didn’t come from Mindy changing her personality to seem cool around the VIPs. Instead, she stayed true to her character and discovered that these basketball stars were sensitive cuties with a soft spot for rom-com.

She wasn’t interested in impressing Josh or any of the other guys with anything but her charming personality, and it absolutely worked. It was a little predictable to have her end the night with her friends/coworkers, but it was refreshing to see a character like Mindy stay true to herself despite the pressure of fitting in with celebrities.

With all the characters in one place acting a little more relaxed than they normally do, The Mindy Project really came together. The pacing was great, I came away feeling more connected to all of the characters, and perhaps most importantly, I was laughing out loud.

  • pepper

    This was a surprise hit for me! I stumbled upon the show by accident when flipping through the channels and recognized the  “girl” from “The Office”. It was hilarious and all the cast was wonderful. The one character “Morgan” who turned his bathroom visit into gainful employment was ‘spot on’. I’ll definitely be watching the next episode.

    • Jeffrey Monte

      I know right, this is surprisingly good!