Last Resort Season 1 Review “Eight Bells”

Last Resort Episode 3 Eight Bells (1)

After being somewhat spotty in the ratings in its first two episodes, Last Resort returned tonight with “Eight Bells”. This show has just been so stinking good on a consistent basis, and it pains me that so few people are watching. Well, thankfully tonight’s episode kept the streak going with another great episode. I’m hoping more of you watched it!

My biggest concern with this show has always been how difficult it would be to sustain on a week-to-week basis, as the premise has always struck me as being better suited to a miniseries or movie, but so far it’s managed to stay engaging every week. Tonight’s installment revolved around the crew finally deciding to rescue Cortez and Gaston, who have gone missing. We saw that Julian kidnapped them at the end of the pilot episode two weeks ago, so I’m not sure why it took them so long to start looking for them. Better late than never, I guess!

Anyway, Chaplin met with Julian and decided to trade goods in exchange for giving his men back, but this is easier said than done. First, Chaplin needs to cross their own boundaries in order to obtain this equipment. Second, he needs to do it all in a strict 9 hour time frame or some of his men will be killed!

While this is all taking place, there are a few other minor story lines to discuss. We get a little bit of character development between Cortez and Gaston, the two crew members who were captured in the pilot episode. Cortez seems to have traded some type of sexual favor with Julian in order to keep them alive, and Gaston quickly gave up Red, another sailor who was captured, in order to keep them both alive. Robert Patrick’s character Cob was also released, and he continued to butt heads with all of the officers aboard the Colorado.

Elsewhere on the island, Tani and James tried to reenact Avatar with a trip to Tani’s family. Seriously, think about it: An army man sees an attractive local girl, joins her on a beautiful excursion to her home tribe, learns about their strange customs and rituals, and then falls in love! I’m really not too interested in this relationship quite yet, mainly due to Tani coming off wooden and not very desirable, so I’m hoping these two characters get fleshed out a little more.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Kylie meets up with Admiral Shepard for the first time since the pilot. It’s hard to feel interested in this story quite yet, just because the stuff going on on the island is so much more exciting, but hopefully Kylie’s files being stolen will make the story line a little more exciting in the weeks to come.

Even though an episode of Last Resort can be a bit chaotic and busy, this show really knows how to go out with a bang. The first two episodes ended in stirring speeches by Andre Braugher’s Marcus Chaplin, but this episode ends with just the opposite. Knowing that his son’s body is rotting in a freezer somewhere, kept from a proper burial by the US government until he relinquishes his post, he looks on as a young boy’s body is carried down the streets. He listens to his XO as he tells him about the beautiful funeral his son will receive when they get back to the states, and as the islanders chanting and singing swells up, Sam assures him “We’ll do it right”. Marcus’ lip trembles as he looks on, and doesn’t say a word. Cut to black. Such a beautiful ending.

In a lot of ways this episode felt like a direct continuation of the pilot. We haven’t seen Julian, Cortez and Gaston, or Admiral Shepard since the pilot, and it felt like we were just continuing their story lines even though there was an episode in between. It’s a possibility that this is how the show will sustain itself, by putting placeholder episodes in between the more important installments, but I’d honestly rather they just get through all of the important episodes before the show gets cancelled.

I really like this show, but it’s episodes like this that make me understand why the show doesn’t do very well in the ratings. There’s a lot of characters, a lot of storylines going at once, and a lot of military jargon coming at you fast and furious. It’s not the easiest show to follow for the casual TV viewer, and that’s unfortunately a big turn off for most people. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am, and if so, tell your friends about it! Here’s hoping we at least get a full 22 episode season. Last Resort deserves that much, at the very least.

Random Thoughts:

– Were we supposed to believe that the guy dropping that flashlight is what gave away their position? Are sonars really that sensitive?

– Julian making a kissing noise to signal to his men wasn’t very intimidating. It made me chuckle in the middle of a very serious scene.

– There’s something about tribal chanting and singing that really gets to me in scenes like that. I don’t know what it is!

  • Ashybean

    The flashlight would absolutley be detected by some on the sonars used by the US Navy.  They are extremely sensitive, especially in that close of proximity.  The actual numbers are classified, although I’m sure they’re pretty incredible.  Water is an great medium for sound..

    • Gonzo411

      Agreed. But big flaw last night when the Con ordered up All Ahead Flank after engaging Perseus. Perseus masks the the sub’s magnetic fingerprint, but the sub’s propellers churn up the water (cavitation) at any speed over about 3 knots and that’s an even bigger bulls-eye to the destroyers on the surface than the dropped flashlight.

      Also wondering if I missed something. How did the NATO girl remotely guide the sub through the canyon? Is she some kind of savant or something?

      • Anonymous

        She told Lt. Shepard about how she has a topographical map of the sea floor or something like that, so she asked the Colorado for their exact coordinates and was able to use that along with her map to guide them through.  Still a little tough to believe, but hey, it’s a TV show. 🙂

  • Gonzo411

    Julian’s kissing sound might not have been intended to be intimidating. In Honduras they “point” with their lips in kind of a pucker, so the writers may have been going for a cultural thing like that. Who knows?

  • Gonzo411

    Doesn’t it seem odd that Gaston gave up Red like that? 

    • ptjackson

       What I did not get was why Gaston had that kind of power to decide which of them got shot?