Survivor Season 25 Review “Create a Little Chaos”

Survivor returned this week the same way it’s returned these last two weeks: With a depressed and dreary Matsing tribe reeling from another loss and elimination. “Create a Little Chaos” didn’t just show how depleted Matsing was numerically, only being down to three people, but they seemed to be depleted emotionally and physically. In a rare move for Survivor, we just see the remaining tribe members sitting in silence as they make desperate attempts at building a fire. It was definitely a very somber moment, and you can’t help but root for the Matsing tribe to hopefully win an immunity challenge! Read on to see what happens!

Over on Tandang, Pete is proving himself to be a real player. Planting a clue in RC’s bag in order to sow distrust in her relationship with Abi was a stroke of genius, and this guy is proving that he’s a real trickster. I loved that he just allowed Abi to get so mad at RC, and he’s quickly becoming one of my most watched players in this game. Unfortunately, he’s choosing to ally himself with the one who’s quickly becoming the most annoying players in the game, Abi. I don’t think that Abi is the most stable person with whom to form an alliance, so I’m hoping that doesn’t prove to be his downfall.

The situation on Kalabaw looks to be pretty interesting, with a pretty clear divide forming between the men and the women of the tribe. I really don’t have high hopes for Penner’s chances in this game, but maybe aligning himself with Jeff and Carter will help extend his life long enough to reach the merge.

This brings us to one of the exciting immunity/reward challenges that I remember seeing in this game. Ever. Seriously, I was screaming at the top of my lungs and my heart was pounding out of my chest! After last week’s “Next time on Survivor” scenes made it look like Matsing would snap their losing streak, I truly believed that at least one of Malcolm’s throws would connect with one of those pots! And man, how great was that shot of Jeff Kent’s throw? The camera zooms in, we see the pot get a chip in the side, we get into the slow-mo, and then the wrecking ball comes down and smashes the final pot to smithereens. One of the best bits of choreography that we’ve ever seen on Survivor, and a great moment all around, even if it means more sadness for Matsing. Russell’s tantrum and speech after the challenge was ridiculous, especially considering the guy barely made it to the mat without collapsing! I get his argument, that he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with expecting excellence of himself, but there’s better ways of saying that than saying that you’re a “Perfect creation”.

Unsurprisingly, Russell is sent home, bringing Matsing’s numbers down to two. I’m not sure what they’re going to do next week on the challenges with being so outnumbered, but I’m excited to find out! I’ll see you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– It’s a little bogus of Russell to keep saying that he was “Willing to die for this game” last time he played. It isn’t like he came into the game knowing that he would almost die, he just did.

– I was so impressed that Carter fell while holding the two pots, and neither of them broke! Why didn’t Probst mention that?!

– How did Malcolm get that much mud in his ear?!

  • Daniel_alvarez99

    Any random thought on Jeff called Lord by Russ? Haha