Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Orca Shrugged” – Hookers + Blackmail = Hilarity

Every so often Sons of Anarchy puts the hardcore drama to one side and gives us an episode that borders on out and out dramedy. ‘Orca Shrugged’ is definitely one of these episodes. From the completely gratuitous fight between Jax and Galen (who then shoots up the boys’ bikes) to the blackmail plot, this episode seemed to release all the humour that had been hoarded in the last 4+ episodes.

In this episode, the Sons set out to rent a building for their new escort service. It’s owned by the mayor, so renting it is more difficult than expected. Jax devises a plan to win the mayor over by finding the one vote needed for him to win a council vote on the construction of Charming Heights. How? They drug an obese town council board member, strip him off, dress him in tassels and leather, and then hire a transgender prostitute called Venus van Dam to ride him — all so they can blackmail him with the pics. And then when his 21 year old stepson sees them, Venus seduces him (with a little encouragement from the Sons) and they get blackmail pictures of him too!

It was all so utterly ridiculous, and yet so perfect for SOA. Tig’s fascination with Venus was amazing (as was him getting bitten on the ass), and Venus herself was such a great character. I kind of want her back in future episodes, just to watch Tig moon over her again, like a lovestruck teenager.

But it wasn’t all fun and games this week. In amongst Gemma being upset that her burgeoning relationship with Nero has been nipped in the bud, and Tara learning that her surgical career may not be over yet, the home invasions stepped up another level. And it wasn’t pretty.

Sheriff Roosevelt arrested some men on suspicion of their involvement in the home invasions. He then learns these guys are gang members. Whether they have something to do with what happens next is to be seen, but given what we’ve learnt from previous episodes, it seems unlikely.

Either way, the Roosevelts were the next target for the home invaders. They caught the pregnant Rita home alone, and despite her attempts to fend them off, she was shot in the abdomen — but not before she scratched one of the guys. As she’s rushed into hospital, Roosevelt asks for them to take samples of the skin under her nails to ID at least one of the culprits involved.

Could this be a turning point for Roosevelt’s relationship with the Sons? Doing things by the book is one thing, but what if the Sons uncover more information about these home invasions than the police? Could Roosevelt turn to them for vengeance if — as seems likely — his baby is lost? It’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

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