Check Out The New Photos Of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 3: “Heartache”!

Season 8 of Supernatural is underway and while we’re coming up to episode 2 tonight, The CW released some pictures of next week’s episode “Heartache”. From the looks of the images, we’re getting some more flashbacks from Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) life with Amelia, Dean (Jensen Ackles) looks pretty great in a T-shirt outside some place called “The Bunny Hole” (I’m sure he’ll have fun there), and it looks like Jensen’s dad, Alan, is guest staring on Supernatural!

From the synopsis in “Heartache” Sam and Dean track a case of murders from victims that all received organs from the same organ donor. While the killer is eventually apprehended, the case turns to Sam and Dean territory when the murder is found mumbling an ancient prayer in a trance. Leave it to the Winchester’s to save the day! Directed by Jensen Ackles, “Hearache” will air on October 17th on the CW.

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