‘Castle’ Season 5: What’s Going On and What’s Coming Up

Castle Season 5 Cast

The popular ABC drama Castle has only been back for three weeks so far this season (the season premiere and two new episodes) and quite a bit has gone on: Beckett and Castle (series leads Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion) are a couple – all be it undercover (in more ways than one); Cole Maddox (guest star Tahmoh Penikett) met his demise (all be it deserved) and Javier (Jon Huertas) and Kevin (Seamus Dever) are slowly making amends, getting their partnership back on track (just to name a few).

But what can fans expect in the very near future?

Next week, fans can anticipate a planned romantic getaway between our favorite couple, as Rick and Kate go to the Hamptons. But in true Castle-style their escape from the city is interrupted when a guy collapses into Castle’s pool, ending up in a murder investigation.

Then in two weeks, a surprising episode will have the team investigating a shocking ritualistic murder that [SPOILER ALERT] uncovers evidence linking Castle to the killing. The evidence begins to build against him, causing loyalties to be tested and leading Beckett to wonder just how well she knows him.

Later on Castle and the gang are going to Comic-Con…well to be more exact a Comic-Con like fan convention. In that episode, actor Ed Quinn (‘True Blood’ and ‘Eureka’) will play Gabriel Winters, a former star of a sci-fi cult-favorite TV series [his character’s name will be Max Richards] whose career and personal life has gone down the tubes since the show was cancelled. Does the first part of that description sound familiar? It’s meant to; but the latter part, of course, does not.

While at the convention, the team will also meet Benjamin Donnely, who will be played by actor Armin Shimerman (‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’), a tech geek who manufactures authentic props for people’s costumes at sci-fi conventions. It seems Benjamin will develop an attraction to Beckett too.

During this episode viewers can expect nods to ‘Firefly’, the cult-favorite sci-fi series for which Castle star Nathan Fillion appeared in for a brief time at the turn of the century on FOX.

The series is also known for its themed-episodes and a little later in the season a ‘Star Trek’-themed episode is being planned.

But for now, the biggest question is when will the relationship between Castle and Beckett be figured out by his family and the team at the precinct? It’s clear from Monday night’s episode that Castle’s mom Martha (Susan Sullivan) has them all figured out. And Lanie (Tamala Jones) already knows that Kate is getting “action” outside the station, but she has yet to figure out who is making Kate “happy”.

So what do you the fans think? Will Kate and Rick make it as a couple? How long can they keep their relationship under wraps? And once the cat is out of the bag can Kate sustain a relationship with Rick given that she doesn’t exactly have the track record for relationship longevity? And, now that Rick has finally caught his elusive muse will he get bored or will he want to make this relationship work? Please share your thoughts below.

Reminder: The next new episode of ‘Castle’ will air on ABC next Monday, October 15 at 10/9c.

  • oldimp

    I have no doubt that this relationship will last. Andrew Marlowe will put them through plenty of circumstances to test the relationship, but it will prevail.  Kate is in love with Castle, whether she knows that right now is a good question, but when she said she almost died and all she could think about was Castle?  That is love!  She put herself with other guys that she did not love to satisfy the need of companionship without the fear of falling in love.  She has know from early on that a real possibility of falling in love with Castle existed and she would not give in to her feelings for him. Season 4 was all about her breaking down that wall so that she could give herself to Castle.

    They both have worked too hard to get here and it will last!  That is how I want to see the love story!