Bid & Destroy: National Geographic Channel’s New Show is a Treasure

When Charlie Brown said that people liked to watch flowing streams, crackling fires and zambonis, he should have added one more thing to that list: buildings coming down. We have a fascination with demolition, but we’re also capitalists who love a good deal. The National Geographic Channel has found a way to combine both our appetite for structure destruction and our love of treasure hunting with their new show Bid & Destroy.

Meet Brian Gurry of Danley Demolition. For the last seven years, Brian and his partners have been bidding on buildings and knocking them down, but not before they’ve gone through the properties with a fine-tooth comb. Whatever they find is theirs and there’s no limit to what they’ve recovered. A makeup kit hidden in a teddy bear, a Harley-Davidson snowmobile, slot machines, Civil War medals, guns, jewelry…if there’s a hidden treasure in a room full of junk, Brian can sniff it out.

“There’s something new every day,” he’s happy to say, but that being said, every job presents its own challenges. It might be something as simple as siphoning off a tank of gas or something as complicated as bringing down a 200-foot smoke stack without damaging a nearby structure. Fortunately, Brian works with the best in the business, in particular Lee Danley who sticks to the rules when it comes to bidding on jobs and Kip Walker, an expert in demolitions who has an attitude big enough for the entire Eastern seaboard. In fact, everyone on the team is at the top of their game with years of experience in their pockets…with the possible exception of Brian’s day laborer, his nephew Eric. But what Eric lacks in know-how, he more than makes up for in personality. Some of the biggest laughs come from his observations and his Jedi/Padawan rapport with his uncle.

Even if you’re the rare exception to the rule who has no interest in heavy machinery or antiques, it’s worth checking this show out just for the interactions between the team members. “It doesn’t take a lot of people,” Brian says, “just good people.” These are no-nonsense professionals who somehow manage to have a really great time performing their jobs, and it’s just as much fun to watch them bicker and rib each other as it is to see Kip tear into the side of a building or Brian uncover a set of antique salt and pepper shakers. In fact, everyone on the team can do every job. Lee and Kip can barter with the antiques dealers, while Brian can get behind the controls of the excavator.

Anyone who’s ever operated a digger or a bulldozer knows that it’s not as easy as it looks (and thanks to Dig This!, the number one tourist attraction in Las Vegas, I can count myself in this group), but Brian and the team have it down to an art form. It might surprise you to know, however, that one of the foremost things on their mind is conservation. Brian is a major advocate of recycling. He’s proud to say that on many of their jobs, only 10% of the debris from the buildings goes to the landfill. The raw metals such as piping and fixtures are sold and reused and the old boards get turned into wood pellets. How can you not like a man who cares about the planet?

Watching Bid & Destroy makes one feel like they’ve uncovered a treasure of their own. If you come just for the destruction, you’ll stay for the heart and soul that Brian and the team put into each and every job. At the end of the day, that is what distinguishes them from other reality shows. These are not a bunch of guys trying to make a TV show. There just happens to be a camera filming them at work.

And their work just happens to be very, very cool.

Bid & Destroy premieres on Wednesday, October 10th at 9:00 p.m. (with a second new episode at 9:30) on the National Geographic Channel. For more information, go to

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