Vegas Review “All That Glitters”

Vegas (CBS) Episode 3 "All That Glitters" (6)

The takeaway from “All That Glitters” is don’t be a bully. Whether it’s a husband beating on his wife or a made man beating up on a blackjack dealer; nobody likes bullies. This episode of Vegas was about victims standing up to oppressors in various ways. Vegas did a great job of dealing with that subject without dropping it on the audience like an anvil.

A few observations from “All That Glitters”:

The case of the week centered around a young boxer, Tommy, who just won an Olympic medal. Tommy stumbled into the street with his head covered in blood and dropped dead. During the course of the investigation, Lamb and Co. discovered that Tommy was trying to help the wife of one of his teammates escape her abusive husband. The husband erroneously assumed that Tommy was sleeping with his wife, so he clobbered Tommy over the head with a pipe. In a rather unexpected turn, the blows to the head aren’t what killed him. Tommy actually died of a heart attack due to a bad reaction from painkillers and prescription drugs. As it turns out, Tommy’s best friend accidentally killed him while trying to save him from himself. I didn’t see that one coming, but it didn’t feel like the writers just pulled it out of thin air either. The pieces were there. I just didn’t put them together.

I was kind of surprised to see Vegas touch on the issue of segregation and Civil Rights a little bit. I know the show is set in the 1960’s, but I didn’t expect them to get into it. Discussing race relations in America in the 1960’s is a very delicate situation. I liked the way that Vegas dealt with it. They put it on the table, let you know it was a problem even in a town like Vegas, but they didn’t dwell on it. Trying to make a statement about race relations in the 60’s is outside the scope of the story they’re telling. It did, however, fit in with tonight’s theme of bullies.

Ok. It looks like Katherine is going to be alright. She’s got some brains and she’s using them. I don’t want to get my hopes up too soon because it’s still way early, but it looks like they’re working out her character nicely. Fingers crossed that they continue to add layers to her and allow her to be more than just a pretty face. But I will say, I totally loved that green dress she was wearing at the beginning. She’s dropping some knowledge on the boys and looking fabulous while doing it.

One other thing this episode did was show the tightrope that Vince has to walk. He literally spent a great deal of this episode putting out fires. It was particularly brilliant the way he handled Johnny berating the waiter. On the one hand, Vince is supposed to be the big man in charge. Everyone has to answer to him and he’s the one who calls all the shots. But on the other hand, he’s at the mercy of THE boss. Vince has to maintain control of what’s going on in Vegas, but at the same time he’s got to placate the boss and his buddies. One thing Vince is perfectly clear about though is that it’s all about the money. He knows that all the boss is really concerned about are the envelops getting sent back east. Therefore, his approach to the boss is always about the money. He understands that unless you have some good people you can trust working around you, then the mob scheme will not work. And just as an aside, I don’t think Johnny is gonna be around too much longer. Not only is he trying to figure out how to skim off the boss’s cut, but he’s more brutal and violent than Vince. He’s a hothead. He doesn’t think past the immediate.

I enjoyed this episode and I think it laid some foundation for some interesting clashes. Johnny is putting thoughts of taking over the Savoy into Mia’s head. Vince and Ralph had yet another unpleasant run-in. And although she isn’t there yet, I think Katherine is well on her way to figuring out that her boss is on the take. So what did y’all think of this week’s Vegas? Sound off in the comments below.