Switched at Birth Review “We Are The Kraken Of Our Own Sinking Ships”

Switched at Birth Review "We Are The Kraken Of Our Own Sinking Ships"

After weeks of building up Bay’s new gal-pal connection with Zarra and Daphne’s infatuation with her boss, this episode of Switched at Birth, ‘We are the Kraken of our own Sinking Ships’, gives a few characters a reality check or two.

Before I go into this episode in particular I have to point out how far I, and plenty of other fans (just visit Tumblr’s ‘Angry Medusa‘ tag sometime), have read into Bay and Zarra’s budding relationship. To be honest, this week more than previous episodes convinced me that the writers intended the friendship to be read as the start of something more all along, and it’s certainly an interesting way to go with Bay’s character. With Emmett taking more and more of a backseat on the show, there’s some wiggle room for Bay to find new romance, it’s just a case of whether an ABC Family show like Switched at Birth is willing to go there.

It’s a place Bay’s parents certainly aren’t comfortable with, as the start of the episode sees them attempt to ‘redirect’ her interest towards ex-boyfriend Alex. So far Bay is pretty oblivious to her own feelings, or how her connection with Zarra might make others uncomfortable, but once she figures it out this action may provide the groundwork for some family resentment down the road. Obviously, there’s as little attraction between Bay and Alex as there was in the first episode, and the poor guy gets the short end of the stick this week. With Zarra in jail and Bay desperately trying to bail her out, he’s left following her around like a particularly pathetic puppy dog.

Elsewhere, however, Daphne and Jeff’s connection is getting stronger, with last week’s one-off kiss turning into a full-blown relationship by the end. They do need to learn how to keep it professional at work however, since a brief flirtation ends up causing more trouble than it’s worth. As if we hadn’t already had enough of love triangles, Daphne’s co-worker also expresses an interested and doesn’t take it too well when he realises the boss got there first. The position Daphne finds herself in isn’t at all enviable, and I can’t see her liaison with Jeff being good for her career in the long run.

Toby actually makes some progress this week after moping around since the show returned, and a harsh lesson on perspective from his new church friend jolts him back to reality. When someone whose father was shot can let go of her anger, a betrayed boyfriend shouldn’t really be dwelling on the past. It’s about time we returned to drama-free Toby, and getting his band back together with Emmett could prove a great move for both characters. Whether Simone will factor into this storyline remains to be seen, but I hope her various problems aren’t forgotten about.

As is usually the case, the parents’ storyline is the least interesting, with Angelo still out of town on some random job. Regina’s brief return to a previous relationship is enough to make her aware of her residual feelings for her sham husband, so I guess we’ll be seeing a little more of them before the season wraps up. John and Kathryn, on the other hand, are handed a genuinely sweet moment when they momentarily decide to stop worrying about their children. These shows all too often forget to make their adult characters human, and I’m glad to see that Switched at Birth hasn’t quite given up on them yet.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Bay and Zarra’s relationship can go further? Let us know in the comments.

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    I think Bay’s friendship with Zarra got some cracks as she realized that she also paid for this other guys bail without knowing it. And I’m guessing her taking the money from the safe is going to biter her in the butt in some way.