BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: This Friday is “Strike Back Day”

Strike Back Season 2

If you are fan of the Cinemax hit series Strike Back, we have some excited news for you.

This coming Friday October 12th 2012, TV Equals will host an unprecedented one-day-only event: “Strike Back Day.”

What is “Strike Back Day”?

It is a unique online event that will turn TV Equals into a central hub for all things Strike Back.

Taking place on Friday, October 12th 2012, starting at 8am PST until 6pm PST, all the articles published will be related to the Cinemax series Strike Back.

Why Are You Doing This?

The short answer is that we really really really really really LOVE this show and we wanted to share that passion with our readers. Instead of just writing an article or two on it, we felt that only an entire day on just that series would truly do it justice. Furthermore, this Friday is also the series’ season 2 finale so what better way to end this season?

What kind of Strike Back Content Can I Expect?

We are very excited to announce that all articles and related content for that day will be exclusively crafted to cater to the fans AND newcomers to the series (Yes, there will be some spoilers but they will be clearly marked).

In terms of specifics, we don’t want to reveal too much but you can be sure to expect some highly entertaining and informative articles, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, exclusive clips and photos and much much more.

How Much Strike Back Content Can I Expect?

About 1-2 articles per hour on the hour. Not too much, not too little…Just Right.

What About Your Regular Coverage?

We will be publishing some articles up until 8am PST and some right after 6pm PST but everything in between will be related to Strike Back.

Cool, So What Can I Do To Help?

Oh almost nothing! Just one tiny little thing….Tell Everyone.

And when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE.

Not only, do we want you to go out and tell your family, friend or colleagues. We also want you to go out to stop random strangers in the street and tell them:

“This Friday is Strike Back Day on TV Equals

If you are not comfortable doing that, we will settle to you going on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram or whatever social network you prefer to do just that.

Got it, Anything Else?

Yes, one last thing. Make sure to follow us on any of the below spots to make sure that you don’t miss any of our Strike Back coverage that day:

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We are very excited to bring you this event and we hope that you join us on that day to share in our passion Until then, feel free to let us know your thoughts, comments on this fantastic event in the comment section below.