NCIS Season 10 Review “Phoenix” – We Are Finally Whole Again

NCIS Season 10 Episode 3 Phoenix

In this episode of NCIS, called “Phoenix,” Ducky raises a new case out of the ashes of an old one and everyone begins to really move on after the bombing.

So far this season, I’ve been pretty impressed with how they have dealt with the bombing and especially the way that it has affected everyone on the team. Each episode has peeled away a few more layers to show us how all of them have been dealing with the aftermath. Slowly but surely, we’ve seen how they have nearly all moved forward from that tragic day.

That is, all of them except Ducky. It’s interesting that his story was the last to be resolved and yet he actually wasn’t even at the location of the bombing. Yet he was the most affected of them all since he was the one who nearly died. The beginning of this episode found Ducky still on medical leave and so bored that he was looking through the obituary columns, stumbling across an old case that never sat well with him. He very naughtily gets a body exhumed just so he can feel useful and just when I thought Gibbs had finally had enough of him; they all find out that the old M.E. was right.

So Gibbs invokes Rule 38, which we haven’t seen since he did the same thing to Tony a few years ago. That puts Ducky in charge of the team and once again we saw how Gibbs can help a friend run an investigation, but also let them put their own personal touches on it. Ducky is not Gibbs, but in his own way, he leads the team to solve the case. He also learned along the way that Gibbs makes the job look much easier than it is.

In the end, Ducky’s embargo from autopsy was lifted and he returned downstairs to take his rightful place as M.E. As much as I loved seeing what Palmer could do, I was very happy to have Ducky where he belonged. As Ziva said, they are all finally home again and I like it.

My favorite bits..

Ziva remarking that some things shouldn’t be remembered, like the last three months.

Tony’s Gibbs-dar once again going off a little too late.

*Whack!* LOL! I do believe that’s our first Gibbslap of season 10. Woot!

Gibbs pointing out to Ducky that being bored wasn’t an excuse to start digging up bodies.

“Why just a break? Why not make it permanent?” – Oh, poor Ducky.

Palmer coming in and extolling the virtues of Malta.

The team ganging up on Palmer to get him talking.

Abby putting a lei around Gibbs neck and giving him a tropical drink.

“I don’t know where to start.” – LOL! That’s so what I was thinking, too.

Gibbs declaring Rule 38 (your case, your lead).

Wow, looks like Tony needs to work on honing his Duck-gar, too. Loved the whole “coot” conversation.

Ziva and Tony’s reaction to finding out that Ducky was running point on the case.

Gibbs gently nudging Ducky to what questions he should ask the team.

Ducky holding Ellen’s hand and promising that her father’s death would be revenged.

“You know exhumations are generally frowned upon by most cultures that bury their dead.”
“Great.” – The completely bored way Gibbs delivered that line was beyond hilarious.

Abby turning on her super loud music to provide relief after the super loud radiation alarm.

Kind of thinking that making one’s lawn glow sounds like a really AWESOME party trick. Talk about a cool Halloween decoration. Just sayin’.

Ducky bringing x-rays to his case presentation, rather than normal photos.

Tony trying to sneak in late, hoping he wouldn’t be noticed.

Gibbs sitting there during Ducky’s presentation with a baseball bat. The fact that they never explained it, made it even funnier.

Gibbs translating Ducky-speak for the team.

Whoa! Nice shooting McGee. I know I’m impressed now.

Abby chastising the carbon monoxide, smoke detector combo unit.

Palmer totally pulling a Tony by talking ill about Ducky when Ducky was sitting in the room. Oops.

Tony’s sugar-fueled giggle fit after finding out that McGee was not in fact-beta testing the life recorder.

Ziva’s sudden appearance scaring the bejeezus out of Tony and McGee, and the fact that Gibbs didn’t even flinch.

Michael Des Barres’ entrance. That was classic, especially for him.

Ducky’s unique interrogation of Del. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Gibbs mention a suspect’s heart rate before.

Gibbs cutting McGee off before he could continue his story about being at a Star Trek convention.

Abby saying “Duck?” after Gibbs did.

Ducky closing his case, in about three different languages.

Gibbs telling Ducky that he was cleared for duty. Yay!

Ziva remarking that they were all finally home again.

Palmer saying that he’d not only misplaced a liver, but also hadn’t visited a bathroom yet. Um, TMI?

Knowing that Ducky was really back when he started talking to the body on the table.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!