Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Lana I Ka Moana” – I Want More!

Hawaii Five-0 Lana I Ka Moana

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Lana I Ka Moana” (which is Hawaiian for “Adrift”), Danny and Steve go out for a fun day of fishing and end up having the worst day ever.

In many ways, this was the perfect episode of this series. It starts out with Danny and Steve out on the ocean having what I can only describe as a “boatument” about the best ways to fish. Right there you see both of their personalities front and center. Steve, ex-Navy SEAL, sees fishing as a sport that is meant to be a battle; meanwhile Danny just wants to relax and shoot the breeze. When their day is interrupted by a man with a gun who throws them off their boat and leaves them for dead in a leaky dinghy, again we see the differences between the two. Steve immediately goes into survival mode while Danny goes into complaining mode (I honestly think it’s the only way he knows how to deal with extremely stressful situations).

Once they are on their own, we do get a moment of real drama when Danny opens up about why he hates the ocean and tells Steve all about the incident that happened to him when he was a kid. When I first saw the previews for this episode, I was hoping for scenes just like that so it made me very happy to get that one.

All of that being said, there was something that took away from this being the perfect episode: all the stuff I mentioned above happened in the first 30 minutes. After that, it was pretty much business as usual. Danny and Steve were only missing for a few hours and save for those couple moments where we got some actual emotion out of Danny; I didn’t see the bonding I was hoping we would see. I’m sure it’s my fault for building it up too much in my head, but I really feel like a golden opportunity was missed here. What’s wrong with having an entire episode where the boys are out to sea and the team has no other case to solve but finding them? Am I really the only fan that would’ve loved to have seen that?

So overall yes, I did really like this episode a lot. Sort of like I really like the sample chocolates that you get at a Ghirardelli Chocolate store. It was yummy and packed with goodness…I just wanted the whole darn box.

My favorite bits..

Haha! We’ve gone from carguments to a……boatument?

“Your mother’s a spy and a woman, she will know. Trust me.”

I’m sorry, I’m trying, I really am, but I simply *cannot* take Steve seriously in that hat. LOL.

“Will you stop the backseat fishing!”

Danny trying to paddle the boat.um dinghy home.

The fact that Danny kept referring to his fish as a “tuny fish.”

Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! (sorry, that’s the only response I have to a freaking SHARK coming after Steve).

“Even in the face of death, you are annoying.”

Danny referring to Steve as “McGarrett, the danger magnet.” You gotta admit, the man kinda has a point.

Danny finally telling Steve why he hated the ocean. Aw, poor Danno.

Danny and Steve getting arrested by the Coast Guard. Oops.

“We’ve got a dead body below deck, sir.”
“I can explain that.” – haha! I really wanted to hear him try.

Danny wondering to Steve what else could go wrong. Oh please Danny, don’t ask that question.

Max offering to help Danny apply the cream to his sunburn.

Kono telling Chin that when he was ready, she would help him with Malia’s things.

Chin’s badge falling to the ground and letting Kono know that her cuz was hanging from the roof. Eek.

“What’s a patsy?”
“Well, if you have to ask..”

Everyone’s “aaaw!” when Chin said he still wanted to take care of Kono.

Steve and Danny toasting to Billy Selway. Another awwww.

“You brought me a fish, I gave you a meal.”

Everyone toasting Danny’s first (and probably last) fish.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Oceangreen_6

    Loved it !!! This show hits every emotion ! Love the cast and guests ! Love the acting , music, camera angles and the crazy story lines !!!!

  • Great episode except for the more than excessive whining from Danno. I had a wife like that, “HAD” being the operative word…

    • Anonymous

      I’m inclined to agree with you about the whining. I really wish they would stop writing Danny as nothing but a nag to Steve’s always-the-hero guy. It’d be nice if Danny got to be in on the action, rather than complaining about it, sometimes. 

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree!  I love Danny but they have got to give him something more to work with!

  • ElisaAnne

    I don’t mind Danno’s whining. There’s nothing behind it; he means no harm; it’s just his communication device. And he does play the hero quite often, but you gotta admit, it isn’t gonna be at sea. This is the SEAL’s element and the exact opposite for Danno. Given his experience, kudos to,him for getting out there on that boat, to make McG happy btw, as he clearly had little investment in the excursion. How cool was their bonding? And I loved Danno pressing McG for deets on McMom and Catherine. McG needs to come to terms. See? Danno did more than whine! 🙂

  • Should I keep watching?

    I’ve been watching Hawaii 5-0 on and off since it first started.  I agree with those who have posted about Danny’s whining.  His continual complaining seemed excessive – enough to be abrasive.  When McGarret dove in the ocean to tow the dinghy, I wonder if one of the reasons was to get away from Danny’s complaining.  Danny’s sharing about his fear of water was nice – but it almost got lost amongst his complaining.  A little goes a long way. 

  • Qgirl123

    Thanks for the great review as always.  I love seeing how your favorite bits always mesh with mine, so I get to remember them one more time.   I also liked how Chin still wants to take care of Kono, but she was the one saving him this time on the roof.   It was a nice moment too when he asked “What took you so long?!”.  Didn’t he realize she had to beat down and handcuff the bad guy before she could pull of a rescue!   It’s a good thing he can hang by his fingertips for so long.

  • Janagu282

    The boutument was fun but it seemed a little forced to me.  The bro-mance stuff seemed a lot more natural in seasons 1 and 2.  Now the writers seem to be trying too hard.  You had it right the first & second seasons, writers!   Steve’s comment about his having “a thing” with Katherine was cold.  That all being said, I’m still an H50 fan and will keep watching!

  • ptjackson

    So, I loved this episode, and you neglected to mention shirtless Steve…. and almost shirtless Danny! sorry, shallow fangirl moment right up front there…

    Anyway, I was not bothered by Danny’s whining-  it is who he is, and he is in a situation where he is not comfortable a lot of the time, but coping with his words.

    My one quibble is the physics takes a beating moment – does anyone know just how hard it is to hang on by your fingertips for any length of time? And, Kono, the little slip of a thing, leaning way over – more than half her body was over the ledge, to lift a man that probably weights twice what she does. Try that without anchoring yourself and see who dies…..

    Other than that, it was fun episode! Oh, except we need more Max!

    • Anonymous

      See? They had me so annoyed with the constant Danny whining that I couldn’t even enjoy the shirtless and nearly shirtless beauty. 

      Seriously though, the only reason I rant about Danny’s whining is because I love him so much and just want to see him do more. I really thought this ep would focus on them being stranded for a while and learning to depend on each other. So to get this instead……yeah, kinda disappointed. 

      LOL, I love your thoughts about chin and Kono. I so totally thought the same thing. The only way I justified it in my head is if she was anchored well enough, maybe she could just hold still and Chin would use her arm to pull himself up. That’s a more plausible scenario. 

      • ptjackson

         Ok, so that is a crime against womanhood – we need to rectify this! Maybe re-watching the episode with the mute button pressed…..

        I totally get what you are saying about having them stranded longer – that story line had a lot of potential, and we can hope they might consider it in the future, just maybe not a water related stranding – something where Danny has as many skills as Steve for survival!