2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Hold-Up”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 3 And the Hold-Up (5)

You know how “SNL” will take a funny- or at least somewhat funny- idea and drill it into the ground over the course of one painfully long skit? Or how “The Simpsons” will recognize a subplot isn’t enough to fill out an entire episode content-wise, so they’ll have one every now and then where they have several unrelated stories grafted together? Tonight’s episode of “2 Broke Girls,” entitled “And the Hold Up” was like that, only none of the disparate plotlines added up to much more than.well, a subpar “SNL” skit.

In Plot One, we had the diner being held up by a guy in a trench-coat, supposedly aiming a gun at our main characters. Is it me, or would it be worth it to ask the guy to prove it by taking the “gun” out of his coat, lest it be nothing more than a finger held up like a gun? Just me? Okay, just wondering. Does anyone actually do that?

Speaking of things no one does, over the course of the episode, we had not one but two characters pee themselves in fear. Can I get an eeew? Who does that? I think I saw someone do it in a “Friday the 13th” but that’s about it. (What up, Amy Steel? Where you at?) Whatever the case, gross and so not funny. I’m usually up for a good pun, but that particular line of comedy did not do it for me at all, and boy did they pile it on. Okay, I almost laughed at the “You’re an 8” bit, but that was as close as I came.

Plot Number Two, the girls decide to sneak into a movie. So, they’re kind of “stealing” too! See what they did there? Anyway, this was slightly more enjoyable, if only because how often do you get to hear a Hans Zimmer joke? Okay, so it wasn’t that funny a joke, but still, big ups for the most esoteric reference this side of Amy Steel.

I did enjoy the Katherine Heigl joke, however: “Talk about violence towards women,” indeed. Ugh. I’d have welcomed any talking back to the screen at any given Heigl atrocity, “Knocked Up” notwithstanding. As Max noted, “More white people should know that [talking to the screen is the best part of going to the movies].” Indeed. Just keep your trap shut at Paul Thomas Anderson movies, please.

Best lines: The pseudo-“Clueless” throwback: “If something’s gonna be flying at my face, I better get a prime rib out of it!” As an erstwhile film critic, I got a kick out of: “Oh, it’s a remake of a sequel to a prequel.I’m confused already!” And it was fun seeing Han access his inner gangster with “You’re in my house, bitch!” Also, points for the neat character detail embedded in Caroline’s declaration that “I feel like you told me that.” Now that’s good writing, “2 Broke Girls” writing staff- it informs and reveals something about character at the same time. Nice going.

Not sure if it makes up for all the pee jokes, though. What nearly did was the hilariously awkward “Hello Guv’nr!” walk of Caroline’s, and Sophie calling sex a game of “hide the penis” and Oleg declaring that “by phone sex, she means we were using the phone in the sex.” Now that would make for a show, as would, and I quote “an unobstructed view of [Max’s] sweet, sweet ass.” (I’d settle for the front view in a pinch, to be sure.) Ah, we can dream, can’t we?

What did you think of “And the Hold Up”? Was the material a bit too thin- or gross- for its own good? Should Jennifer Coolidge be paid extra to deliver such ridiculous puns? Is Han also a Republican senator? Did you laugh at the inner visualization of Max doing shots as a baby? Do you wish there was a crystal math class? I promise to stop if it hurts if you promise to say so below in the comments section, so easy on the hair flip Willow Smith wanna-bes!

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