Warehouse 13 Season 4: Where Do They Go From Here?

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I thought the season three finale of Warehouse 13 was grim, but I hadn’t seen anything yet. At least the tragedy in season three was massive enough to reassure me that there would be a quick fix– there was just no way we would spend the next season watching Pete, Myka, Artie and Leena mourn the loss of Steve, Mrs. Frederic, H.G. and the warehouse itself.

Last Monday’s mid-season finale, “We All Fall Down,” brought a fresh wave of tragedy, but this time no quick fix seems imminent. Artie is injured, Leena’s dead and the entire world is in peril. The stakes have never been higher, and worried though I may be, I’ve also never been this excited about Warehouse 13‘s future before. My excitement is tempered only by the half-dozen or so questions the finale left me with, four of which I’m sharing with you below.

How Will Artie Live With What He’s Done?

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Artie wasn’t in control of his actions when he killed Leena and unleashed the Orchid’s deadly sickness on the world, but I doubt that will come as a comfort to Artie. My fear is the guilt will destroy him, or at the very least sideline him (paging Dr. Vanessa) as he deals with the fact that he murdered Leena. There’s also the rest of the team to consider. While his evil side was in control, Artie unleashed a lot of vitriol on Pete, Myka and Claudia. Will they be able to let it go and help him move on, or will their bitterness over the ramifications of Artie’s secret-keeping cloud their judgment?

Making one of the team’s own the big bad this year was a risky move, but so far it has paid off. Now that Artie is back to his senses I want to see how his journey toward recovery and regaining his team’s trust pays off.

How Will The Team Stop The Orchid From Destroying The World?

The last time the orchid was inflicted on the world, thousands of people died from the English Sweating Sickness before the agents in Warehouse 8 could seal it away. Now it’s spreading again, as that creepy shot of the Earth shrouded in darkness indicated. Stopping it isn’t as simple as grabbing and bagging it like the team is accustomed to. It dispersed upon making contact with Pete’s hands, which means they’re going to have to find another way to keep the disease from spreading.

The astrolabe is still in play, but if the team uses it to put things back the way they were over half of the team will be dead (or it will simply create the whole “evil within” issue all over again–I’m still fuzzy on how that sucker works). Without resetting time, I honestly can’t imagine how the show is going to neutralize a threat this large though.

Will We See Leena Again?

WAREHOUSE 13 "Trials" Season 3 Episode 2 (2)

Poor, sweet Leena. She may have been the least developed member of the group, but her kindness made it impossible not to love her. She certainly didn’t deserve such a violent end. The rest of season four is going to have to take place in the shadow of her death, and I’m not looking forward to seeing Pete and company return to the B&B to face a reality without her in it.

The show has brought characters back from the dead before, but I have a feeling this is one death that is going to stick. If they brought everyone back it would ultimately rob the story of its sense of danger and urgency. Still, just because Leena is dead that doesn’t mean we’ll never see her again. Pete has already communed with her ghost one time, there’s no reason why he can’t do it again. It would also be nice to see her come back long enough to give Artie a chance to ask for forgiveness.

How Will The Team Dynamic Change?

Warehouse 13 Second Chance Season 4 Episode 8

“When did we stop being the B Team?” Steve asked Claudia in the finale when he realized they were being entrusted on a solo mission that involved a plague.

His question pointed toward the evolving nature of the team’s dynamic. Gone are the days when Claudia stayed behind with Artie while Pete and Myka did the field work. Claudia and Steve are full-fledged agents now and they will likely be asked to take on more responsibility as the season progresses. With the idea of junior team members gone, the dynamic between the four agents will continue to evolve.

But it’s Artie and Claudia’s relationship that will see the most change. After Claudia saved his life, it can’t not. They have always had a special connection, but given everything that has transpired between them it would be weird if we didn’t see a shift in their relationship. Will Artie see Claudia as more of an equal now? How is Claudia going to handle her emotions after she had to stab Artie to save his life? I don’t have the answers, but I’m betting whatever the writers have in store for us will pack an emotional wallop.


Those are the lingering questions that will be plaguing me until Warehouse 13‘s return in 2013, but I would love to hear what you’ve been pondering since the finale. Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!

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