Revenge Season 2 Review “Resurrection” – The Phoenix from Hell

Revenge Season 2 Episode 2 Resurrection (2)
Just when you think Conrad and Victoria can’t get any lower, they manage to find a new, previously unattained level of scum. In “Resurrection,” this week’s episode of Revenge, Victoria called on her ex to help her stage a re-entry into the world that caught even Emily by surprise.

Of course, this was after Conrad stole all the money in Charlotte’s trust fund and Victoria found herself with no other option but to frame White Hair for her abduction, as she was counting on that money to pay him to take care of Emily. It’s too bad that Daniel only sees Ashley as a cute piece of rebound tail; she would fit in quite well with his family. What exactly is her game anyway? Does she really just want to be the next Victoria? I kind of hope she’s playing an angle we just don’t know about yet.

Meanwhile, it was up to Emily to rescue Charlotte, but she also manipulated her sister into not fleeing the country with Victoria by taking Charlotte to Amanda. The girl really wants to be an aunt to a baby that is…surprise, surprise…actually Jack’s. But in a surprise move, Emily told Amanda that she doctored the results, so Amanda thinks the baby is the result of a one-night stand, and that she’s lying to Jack about it being his. Good one, Ms. Thorne. Not sure what the end game is there, but nicely done.

In the only move of the night that I found questionable, Nolan’s company is being audited and he was forced to turn one of his accounts into his CFO just to get a little peace and quiet. Maybe this audit will be important later, but for now the story just felt a little out of sync with the rest of the episode. I don’t like the idea of Nolan’s money coming under fire; this whole operation revolves around the wealth Emily has from her father’s investment in Nolan. If his corporation was to go down, where would that leave her?

In exchange for the tapes of Victoria and Conrad plotting to set up him, White Hair told Emily that although he was sent to deal with her mother because her testimony would have set her father free, he didn’t follow orders. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to say anymore because when he tried to kill Emily, he was shot and presumably killed by Emily’s Takeda-appointed bodyguard. She is not going to be happy about that; she would have rather had her throat cut a little if it meant she got some information out of it.

Oh, and Declan is going to store some jewelry for a rich friend who stole it from his stepmother in exchange for money. I’m sure that will end well and will totally not result in Declan being arrested for theft. Totally.

The resurrection of Victoria was brilliantly handled and I’m glad her time in the log cabin was short-lived. She needs her designer gowns and a staircase down which she can glide like the queen that she is. Anything less is just sad.

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  • Mirko_di_wallenberg

    Great episode! I LOVED it when she came home and immediately sat on her throne stating “The Queen is back, move over Ashley”. BTW Ashley’s red and white dress was STUNNING!