Elementary Season 1 “While You Were Sleeping” Review – The Violin Is Back!

Elementary (CBS) While You Were Sleeping Episode 2 (8)

Elementary was back with its second episode of the first season on Thursday. The retelling of the Sherlock Holmes story was a decent pilot, and while “While You Were Sleeping” introduced a few new characters Elementary just seemed… well, elementary.

I liked the introduction of Detective Bell. He was a different force than the previous Detective Abreu, and Bell’s approach to cases gives a way for him and Holmes to butt heads and try to come to an understanding between the way they each process evidence and facts.

I would love to see more than Watson just standing next to Sherlock waiting for a chance to say her line. There seems to be a lack of… anything for Watson to do other than to make sure that Sherlock is doing well in his rehabilitation (he’s not), as she just stands by and watches him try to solve his crimes.

I’m not sure what else I would like to see from her, but just a little more action on her end, or more back story, or SOMETHING. Watson (and the other supporting characters) just feel flat and fell completely short to me.

I will say that I loved, loved, LOVED how Watson presented Sherlock with his violin. I was waiting for that instrument to appear last week and was really disappointed when it didn’t. However, the introduction of it and Sherlock’s reaction was really touching. I’m excited to learn why he stopped playing and what caused his tearful reaction when he opened the case.

My major complaint about Elementary was the lack of mystery in figuring out whodunit. The entire episode felt had a very Scooby Doo vibe to it, down to the reveal of the ending. I realize that “While You Were Sleeping” is only the second episode of Elementary and that the stories will develop as the series continues. I’m hoping that we’re given a little more mystery and less of a procedural cop show. There are enough of those on the air right now, and Elementary has some promise to be more than that.

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  • The Re-telling of the Sherlock Holmes story? Which story was re-told, pray? On which Sherlock Holmes story is any of the storylines of ‘Elementary’ based? Right, on none. Which is one of the big failures of this unutterably boring mess of a procedural. The characters and stories have nothing in common with the original. They are just two people who have famous names slapped on them to make some money for CBS.

  • Diana Williams

    I agree with Silke – there is nothing except the names to mark this as being a Sherlock Holmes story.  He is no different than the Mentalist or Monk or Castle, or any of the other lead characters in an investigative drama series.  There is no retelling of any of the original stories, which is part of what makes “Sherlock” interesting for those of us ACD fans.  Watson is being wasted, as she does little more than stand around and look disapproving – which, again, is totally unlike the Watson of the Canon stories.  Yes, it is early into the series, and perhaps they have time to develop a friendship between the two, but at this point it is painful – this Watson can’t seem to stand Holmes, much less admire him.  And I am so bored with the show (I figured out the murderer the minute we saw her, based on the title and the “impossibility” of her being the killer) that I might not last that long as a viewer.