Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “Full Bars”

It might seem a little early in the month for a Halloween themed episode from Bob’s Burgers, but with the MLB Playoffs taking up most of October, I’m happy that “Full Bars” was here to start off the spooky season.

I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for holiday themed episodes – especially Halloween episodes where we get to see all the characters wearing costumes. Linda was an adorable mermaid, Louise was a great Edward Scissorhands (although Bob saw “Sad Wolverine,”) Tina made a statement in her Mommy-Mummy costume, and Gene donned his carefully crafted Queen Latifa costume from her U.N.I.T.Y phase.

I don’t know what the current state of Trick-or-Treating is nowadays, but Louise, Gene, and Tina set off on a quest that I would have envied in my childhood. Growing up, I remembered hearing rumors of neighborhoods filled with big houses and grownups who gave out full sized candy bars. Even into my adulthood, those stories still seemed like myths (Gene highlighted the source of my doubts with his line, “How does this not topple your economy!”) so when the kids made their way to King’s Head Island in search of good candy, it was like watching them go on an epic adventure to retrieve a legendary relic.

Once on King’s Head Island, the kids befriended a couple of local boys who took the spoils of their neighborhood for granted. Despite growing up with the amazing treats their neighbor’s offered – full sized candy bars, two-liter bottles of soda, open bowl candy – Milo and Ned were not snobs. They happily guided the Belchers around town and valued the candy they received about as much as Louise, Gene, and Tina did. What the Belcher kids didn’t anticipate was the town’s teen terror tradition known as “Hell Hunt.” Louise was as fearless as ever and ignored Milo’s warnings to head home before they were captured by the Hell Hunt.

The fact that the Hell Hunt tradition permeated the entire King’s Head Island community added to the feeling that the Belcher kids were still on a voyage in an unfamiliar land. Among people of all ages, Hell Hunt was feared and accepted as a normal part of life on the island. It was up to our heroes, Louise, Gene, and Tina, to put an end to the terror and return home with candy treasures.

Gene was top notch tonight and I was laughing at almost everything he said in “Full Bar,” but everyone had their fair share of hysterical moments. I completely lost it when Louise’s slow-motion attempt to return the stolen cell phone ended with it splattering all over the road.

Meanwhile, Bob and Linda were none the wiser at Teddy’s orange and black themed Halloween party. Teddy cracks me up, and I usually love every moment he’s on screen, but the death of his beloved Guinea pig darkened this plot line and revealed a different side of Teddy’s character. Before the party and after Francis’ funeral, Teddy was his normal goober self, but while he was trying to find out who killed his Guinea pig, he went berserk. I felt bad for Teddy and to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy seeing him go through the five stages of grief over his pet of 14 years.

Trick-or-treating in a nice neighborhood is not a particularly exotic adventure, but because we saw this journey through the kids’ eyes, it felt epic. The kids assembled a band of candy-hunters, we saw their amazement at the treasures they collected, and they had to fight teen-aged terrors to get back home in one, pee-balloon-free piece. Even if the Halloween party sub-plot was a bit weak, Bob’s Burgers nailed the Belcher kids’ plot and delivered an awesome Halloween themed episode that made me wish I could go Trick-or-Treating again.

My favorite lines from “Full Bars”:

    “Great, now my candy tastes like guilt.” – Gene “Thanks, Wagner family. Have fun at church or whatever St. Barts is.” – Gene
    “Yah, I can pee on myself. I don’t need any handouts.” – Gene
    “If there’s one thing a weiner hates, it’s hot sauce. I learned that the hard way.” – Gene
    “Mmm. Taco on the toilet. Why doesn’t everyone do this? AAAAHHH!” – Gene
    “Queen Latifah, give me strength!” – Gene
    “Wrap it up, Charles Dickens! You’re not being paid by the word!”
    “There’s a lot of carrots in that stew.” – Tina
    “But you look so cute. I wanna spank the cake right out of your face.” – Linda