Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “We Are Both” – There’s No 12-Step Program for Magic

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 2 We Are Both (2)
We learned something important in “We Are Both,” this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, and I’m not even talking about the fate of Regina’s mother or how far back Regina’s working relationship with Rumplestiltskin went. No, we learned that there are still stories to be told from the Enchanted Forest before the curse, which means we will be keeping up with two universes and two timelines. Just to show how crazy that is, I spent the past couple of minutes trying to figure out if I got that sentence right. I’m not entirely certain that I did.

So, let’s go back to what we know for sure. The citizens of Storybrooke might know who they are now, but they’re still trapped by the curse. Anyone who tries to leave the city limits has their fairy tale identity wiped from their mind, seemingly forever. Sorry, Sneezy. Even Gold is at the mercy of this new twist of the curse. Oh, and August/Pinocchio did not turn back into a real boy when the curse was lifted, but he does seem to be awake and aware. Unfortunately, he also disappeared by the time Gepetto learned where he was. Their reunion will have to wait.

I was surprised that Emma and Mary Margaret’s adventure in the ravished Enchanted Forest didn’t come into play until the very end of the episode. It was all about Charming trying to step up and lead Storybrooke while Regina was employing the little magic she has to keep Henry at her side, a frightening parallel to the way her own mother used it to force Regina into marrying Snow’s father. Eventually (and surprisingly), Regina was able to see that and let Henry go with his grandfather. Hottest grandpa ever, by the way.

How many of us thought that when Regina sent her mother through the looking glass, she would come out in Wonderland, only to rise up and rule it as the Queen of Hearts? I still say that’s not out of the realm of possibility and maybe the curse ravaged Wonderland, too, and left Cora at the mercy of the people she’d subjugated. Maybe that’s a stretch. Perhaps the glass simply dropped her in this corner of the Fairytale Land and stripped away her powers. Regardless, now Mary Margaret and Emma are stuck in the same cell as Cora. Talk about an awkward family reunion.

What do we think about Regina’s identity crisis? She wasn’t able to destroy her mother’s book of magic, so clearly she isn’t turning over any new leaves, but was her decision to let Henry go because she loves him or because she’s biding her time until she has more power and control? Are the citizens of Storybrooke going to start to go insane with two lives in their heads, like Jefferson? And where was Belle for the whole episode? Out taking a walk?

More questions than answers in this one. Well, it’s early yet. Let me know what you thought in the comments below, and remember, you can always follow me on Twitter @krieli1 for the latest reviews.

  • ptjackson

    I am really enjoying the flashbacks on this show – they fill in background, and help us understand motivations. So well done!

    I find the emergence of a conscience in Regina to be very interesting to follow. She is starting to understand what she has become and the effect on Henry.

    And, Mr. Gold/Rumple is so fascinating to watch – Robert is really bringing it in his performances!

    Love this show!

    • Kristen Elizabeth

      It does make me wonder that if Regina starts to soften, who will rise to be evil in her place?  Her mother?  Captain Hook? 

      Obviously, Gold has evil in him, but I’ve always felt like he would be the one who turned around, not Regina. It’s very interesting;)

      • ptjackson

         I think while Regina has started to soften, she will not become a good character – just duplicitous. But, her mother is clearly going to be a big player this season, and of course we all know Hook is evil, so there will be lots to make us worry!

        As for Gold, he is always in it for himself, no matter what. 😎