Haven Season 3 Review “The Farmer”

Before they got word of a grisly attack on a jogger in the woods of Haven, “The Farmer” picked up with Duke asking Audrey to ditch work and enjoy life with him little. After all, she’s presumably got 46 days left in Haven, and if she’s not here for a long time, Duke would like to make sure she’s here for a good time. It didn’t sound like a terrible plan to me, but Audrey has pretty much always had a one track mind – the Troubles.

This time, Haven was being plagued with a Trouble that turned its victim/attacker into a grotesque organ stealing monster. This Trouble was more disturbing than most Troubles on Haven recently, not just because of the damage it could cause to innocent people, but because of how disgusting and gory the attack itself was.

Harry Nix, the main Troubled man in this scenario, had plotted for years how he would survive the return of the Troubles. He made sure that he would have plenty of offspring and family members that he could harvest organs from as his failed. He was more than just the usual Troubled person in Haven with a problem that was out of his control, he knew exactly what was going on and was driven to survive at any cost. His were premeditated attacks which were quite a bit different from the beastly attacks of his offspring when their troubles were later awakened.

Harry’s carefully selected targets drew the attention of a Boston detective, Thomas Bowen, who tracked Harry to Haven after his colleague had been attacked. Even if he didn’t know what he was dealing with in Haven, Thomas was always a step ahead of Audrey and Nathan. To get Audrey and Nathan to cooperate with him, Thomas was able to leverage the multi-state serial killer status against them by threatening to involve the FBI.

Conveniently, Thomas despised the Feds and was more than willing to keep everything on the down low. We never got a real reason why he hated the FBI or why he would choose to work with small town P.D. on a case that seemed to be getting stranger by the minute. He did remind everyone at least twice that he hated the Feds, so I hope he’s got more of a back story than being a generic cop that hates the Feds for general reasons.

Audrey asked Duke to come in and help on the investigation, but her true intentions for getting Duke involved ended up being much darker than she originally let on. This wouldn’t be the first time that Audrey and Nathan have had a sort of ethical double standard when it came to the Troubles. Last season, I felt conflicted about the way Audrey and Nathan handled the Troubled people in Haven with respect to the laws that would have applied to the un-Troubled civilians had they unintentionally caused similar damage or loss of life. I think I shared Duke’s feelings of shock and betrayal when Audrey revealed that she had asked him along to kill Harry and put an end to this particular Trouble.

My heart broke for Duke in those final scenes where we saw what he actually went back to do. Everything he had fought against, and everything that he was trying to prove to himself and to the people of Haven about changing his fate was being undone. It may have been the best way to save all those Troubled people in Haven, but Duke would have to be the unwilling judge and executioner who would carry the weight of that man’s life with him from that point forward. The look on Duke’s face when Audrey went to see him at the bar twisted my gut. Duke’s eyes, filled with tears of regret, anger, and pain, will haunt me for a while and I hope that Audrey will be haunted by that look as well.

Duke has always been a black sheep, but he’s been working so hard to prove that he’s not what everyone expects him to be. Haven has been particularly cruel to Duke recently, and while I’ve got nothing against Nathan and Audrey pushing Duke out of their love triangle, I’m ready for Duke to catch a break.

  • ptjackson

    I totally agree with you about Duke! I too felt so bad for him. Let’s hope that better days are coming for him!

    I missed the opening credits, but the police detective from Boston sure looked a lot like Hale on Lost Girl – the hat was especially similar. Was it the same actor, or am I just imagining things? And, is he a new regular?

    I’m curious how they are going to deal with Audrey disappearing – or how they will prevent it!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not familiar with Lost Girl… I’ll have to check out IMDB for that one.  I don’t think Audrey can actually disappear this time around, so yah, that’ll be a big thing this season I’m sure!

      • ptjackson

        I looked it up, and it is not the same actor, but I think they look similar…. 😎