Grimm Season 2 Review “Over My Dead Body”

Grimm Over My Dead Body Season 2 Episode 6 (6)

Love was in the air on tonight’s episode “Over my Dead Body,” but this being Grimm, it was, of course, of the thwarted variety. We’re talking across the boards, too, folks: Juliette still has no memory of Nick; Captain Renard got a call from an icy foreign blonde with ulterior motives for visiting that weren’t just booty-related; and my favorite couple, Monroe and Rosalee, got c-blocked yet again.

Can’t these two catch a break? Though I occasionally still get Prison Break flashbacks whenever I see Silas Weir Mitchell, he & Bree Turner have undeniable chemistry and are pretty cute together. They bring out the babbling idiot in one another, and I mean that in the best way.

The show opened with yet another thwarted stab at love- or at least animal lust- when returning Monroe Ex Angelina (Jaime Ray Newman) had to put down Thelma & Louise-style a would-be paramour that got a little too aggressive in the parking lot of a country bar. The problem? He was a hit man scheduled to get rid of a target within 24 hours. So, it’s up to Angelina to complete the task or get deep-sixed herself. The target? Her ex, and our fave Blutbad, Monroe. Ruh-Ro!

The problem is that good old Angie is still on the run for the murders she committed in her last episode, and Nick isn’t too happy about teaming up with her. His love for Monroe wins out, and Angie wastes no time in being a nuisance to Nick, and later Hank, as she inserts herself into everything, even playing at being a cop at one point.

Of course, when she’s played by a decidedly out-of-character Newman, it’s not so bad. If you were a Eureka, or even a…ahem… Eastwick fan- yep, they exist- it’s a kick seeing her play against type, even if it sometimes feels like she’s trying too hard. (Yes, I know she was a good girl on Veronica Mars, too- I can IMDB with the best of them. Settle down.) Say what you will, though, Newman is nothing if not easy on the eyes. Sigh. I miss Eureka.

Back to Grimm. Working together via cell phone, Monroe and an en route out-of-town Rosalee concoct a scheme in which he fakes his own death to lure in the bad guys and set a trap so that Nick & Hank can swoop in and take out the bad guys, and hopefully find out who ordered the hit. It works, and it turns out the hit was sanctioned by… Renard’s booty call. Whoops! Not one to take such matters lying down, Renard is waiting for her at the airport when she tries to hightail it out of town after narrowly escaping Nick & Co.

Also turns out that the hit on Monroe was to put the fear of God into Nick by showing him that those close to him are in imminent danger at all times. We’ll see in future episodes if it worked, but my guess is not even a little bit. Given his beloved’s memory lapse, though, he may end up rethinking that when she inevitably gets caught in some beastie’s sights…again. Only this time, she doesn’t even know who Nick is, so it may end up having even worse consequences for him on down the line, of the why-am-I-with-this-guy-again variety.

A pretty solid episode all around, if a bit predictable. What did you think? Were you glad to see Newman go- for good, this time? Or had you hope she might be back to be all sexy and stuff again? Did you want to know more about the mysterious blonde, or could you care less? Are Mosalee the cutest couple on a supernatural-themed show at the moment?

(If the answer is no, you’re dead to me- but joke’s on you! I’m a guest columnist, so say what you want, because I won’t be back next week! As Nelson would say, and I quote: “Hah-ha!”)

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  • ptjackson

    Love Jamie Ray Newman – and yes, I so miss Eureka too, but I also loved her on Stargate Atlantis….. 😎

    And, yes, Rosalee and Monroe are the cutest couple ever, and I hope they never break them up!

    But, here is my question – if they knew that the sleeping drug only lasted a while before it became permanent, would it not have made more sense to have him drink it just before they got to the rendezvous point – so the expiration time would not interfere with the plan? Yeah, I know, drama and action and all that…. but still – where is the logic?

    • Mark Trammell

       Agreed! I thought the same thing!