Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 “Remember the Time” Review – Grab the Kleenex!

So for those wondering exactly what the heck happened between the plane crash and Mark’s death last week, this episode of Grey’s Anatomy was for you. Although I knew this episode would provide viewers with more insight into what happened to the doctors after they were rescued, I still found myself very surprised by the way things unfolded. I’m also not sure it was necessary to start the season with a time jump and then go back the following week. It almost felt like the two episodes should have just been shown together, with last night’s episode first, as part of a two-hour premiere. Oh well.

Mark’s death last week was extremely sad and just when I’d moved to a place of acceptance, I look at my tv and see him alive and kicking. I guess I assumed that Mark fell into the coma before reaching Seattle Grace. Well played writers, you made us all go through the loss again. I preferred Mark’s last thoughts to the video footage from the premiere. The tears started as he spoke about Callie and how talented she is.

Speaking of Callie . . .

I don’t know where to begin! It is amazing that she was not in the psych ward last week after all that she’s been through. True, she had the good fortune of not being in the crash but she’s certainly endured her fair share of pain in the fallout. The final moments with Mark were bittersweet as you realized that his lively spirit was just a final surge before his coma. Nonetheless, I’m glad she got some time with her friend along with a few inappropriate jokes.

If that wasn’t enough, Callie also had the weight of Derek’s recovery on her shoulders. I’m glad that he has provided Callie with much needed friendship and a vote of confidence in her ability as a doctor. Callie will definitely need that boost to get over her guilt for not being able to save Arizona’s leg.

Arizona was understandably quite the little sourpatch kid. She was sweet, kind and supportive to her wife but had nothing but contempt for Alex. Yes, Alex is a jerk but I’m not sure he deserved the extent of Arizona’s wrath he received. Unfortunately for Callie, Arizona appears to have redirected all of her bitterness and anger to her wife now. It probably didn’t help when she woke up without a leg and learned that Callie told Alex of all people to perform the amputation.

I found myself even more in love with Owen (didn’t think that was possible) and more frustrated with Christina. If you’ve gone through a traumatic event, of course Owen would be the person you’d want at your side. His days in the military left him well prepared to care for his wife. I also understand why Christina still went to the Mayo Clinic. Sorry Mer, I’m with Christina on the Seattle Grace curse. What I don’t understand is how Owen and Christina are only talking over e-mail these days while she and Meredith are chatting over Face Time all day long. I know that Christina is Mer’s “person” and vice versa. I also get that the tragedy has not magically erased the marital problems between Owen and Christina – I just think the guy deserves more than an e-mail!

I don’t think I’ll be warming up to the new doctors any time soon. I was already put off when they referred to Christina as furniture. I liked them even less after hearing what she’d gone through as they waited for help. I nominate them all as the victims of the next Seattle Grace tragedy. And you know there will be one because this is, after all, Grey’s Anatomy.

The season set up is finally complete and now we have to wait two weeks for the next new episode. Damn you ABC!

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