Last Resort Season 1 Review “Blue on Blue”

Last Resort (ABC) Blue on Blue Episode 2 (5)

While the first episode of any series is very important in setting the tone and establishing the characters of a television show, the second episode is also very important as it usually gives us a better idea of what kind of show we’re going to get week to week. Last Resort had the best pilot of any new show this fall, but “Blue on Blue” was just about as good of a follow up as could be expected.

The episode focused mostly on people trying to show their strength and establishing their dominance, and we see this happening on and off the island. We get our first look at the crew of the Illinois, which is the ship that fired on the Colorado last week, and this time we were actually shooting back! The bomb may have been deactivated before it struck, but it was definitely a nice flexing of the muscle to remind people not to cross their boundary. We also got our first look at the Perseus, which is apparently a prototype cloaking device that renders your submarine invisible to any enemy radars. You can bet this technology is going to come into play again soon.

The majority of our scenes from the mainland this week came in the form of establishing our female characters. First we see Jessy Schram’s character Christine Kendal getting interrogated and manipulated by the government and Sam’s old college buddy in an effort to get her to flip on her husband. She’s shown footage of an interview with Sam after he was kidnapped by North Korea for 17 days, and the fact that her husband was taken captive caused her to question her trust a little bit. I thought this was a little strange, as it sounds like Sam had assignments like this one all the time. Why would she expect to be told every single thing that happened during deployment? Maybe I’m just missing something here, but his behavior didn’t seem that out of the norm.

We also got quite a bit more on Autumn Reeser’s character Kylie, as we find out that she’s the one that designed the Perseus and she happens to know quite a bit about weapon design and submarines. Hers is a fun character, but I hope to see her interacting with more people from the regular cast soon. So far the only people she’s ever spoken to on the show have only been in that one scene with her.

The strongest part of this show by far is Andre Braugher, as he’s always such a charismatic and engrossing presence in every show he’s in. My one complaint about his character, though, is how cutthroat he’s become so quickly. Last episode he was joking around with his crew, sharing stories with his friends, and dancing to the music in his sub. Now he’s willing to fire a torpedo at the Illinois, he threatens to kill the two sons of a Russian commander, and seems pretty darn quick to jump at any opportunity to demonstrate his dominance. Then at the end of the episode he lectures everybody about blood lust? I guess the revelation that his son was killed two weeks ago was meant to discredit his judgment with the crew, but he seemed so normal in last week’s episode.

The big action set piece of the episode really didn’t disappoint. The shootout in the jungle was really tense and compelling stuff, and I loved that James came out of nowhere to save the day. This is a great show all around, and I’m really disappointed the ratings are as bad as they are. The show isn’t even doing as good as Charlie’s Angels did, and that was cancelled rather quickly! I’m really not sure how long a show like this can maintain itself anyway, so I’ve chosen to look on this show as a 13 episode miniseries and just be happy with the great television that I receive. I’m hoping more people start watching, but in the meantime I’ll just enjoy it as long as I can!

Random Thoughts:

– I know that they’re purposefully not saying what the name of the island is, but it seems like every one of the inhabitants has drastically different accents.

– Is every episode of this series going to end in an awesome Andre Braugher speech? I’m not saying I have a problem with it or anything, but it does look to be some sort of a pattern.

– James King’s character is pretty awesome, but does he feel miscast to anybody else? The actor playing him seems too young and pretty to play the grizzled and experienced Navy Seal.

  • j.

    Sainte Marina is the fictional island.

  • ptjackson

    I am enjoying this show too – I had not seen the ratings, but hope they improve!

    I agree with you about the wife and her small loss of faith. It is interesting that only the viewers saw the part where her husband talked about why he did not tel her about the imprisonment, but then that is all part of the manipulation. Does anyone else wonder, after having watched all these types of shows, how you would react in such a situation? As in, not trusting what *anyone* tells me?

    I’m still not clear on all the characters, but attribute that to the fact this is only two episodes in and I need time to absorb them….

  • I have chalked up the the inhabitants that have drastically different accents to the island being a NATO outpost with people from various NATO countries living there with a couple of locals mixed in.

  • chelsea

    Yes the randomness of the accents is too much!