Last Resort Interview: Autumn Reeser Talks About The Series & Capt. Chaplin’s Decision to Go Rogue


Last week, ABC debuted their political thriller Last Resort, and if you’re anxious to learn more about the show and the beautiful weapons lobbyist Kylie Sinclair, TV Equals has the scoop! TV Equals was recently part of a conference call with actress Autumn Reeser, and we were able to learn more about her character and the conspiracy surrounding the crew of the Colorado.

Why Reeser chose Last Resort

Reeser said that she “fell in love” with the show after reading the script. “It was nonstop and bold, and ballsy, and exciting. And I couldn’t put it down,” she said. “I loved the description of Kylie. I immediately wanted to play Kylie, you know, described as having a personality of a price prizefighter. She is ambitious and self-serving. And she’s not a good guy or a bad guy. And I like that, because I think that’s true of most human beings.”

One of her favorite things about co-creator Shawn Ryan’s work is his love of characters who toe the line between good and bad.  “They tend to be gray. They’re a little good; they’re a little bad. And they walk the line in between those two things. And I really like playing in that world,” she said.

Performing in lingerie

During Kylie’s introductory scene, we find her seducing a man while giving the audience the exposition needed to understand more about the Colorado and her family’s weaponry. Reeser said the scene actually wasn’t hard for her to do.

“It’s much more fun, to be honest, because there’s two things going on within that scene,” she said.  “It’s a seduction scene. It’s getting the information across to the other character in – while seducing him or to seduce him in the case of that scene. I think it’s reminiscent of the scene from Network [involving] Faye Dunaway… – part of her [passion]comes from talking about television numbers. Part of Kylie’s passion comes from selling her family’s weapons… it’s all tied in…very tightly together. And that’s so fun to play because there’s more to do there.”

Working with the writers

Reeser said the writing staff are very open to her and her fellow Last Resort actors.  “[T]he lines of communication are really open between the writers and the actors on the show,” she said. “We all had the opportunity to sit down in the writing room with everyone for a couple of hours before we started shooting, just for them to get to know us and know what makes us kick and for us to get an idea of where they were going to take the characters this season. And I’ve never had that happen before on a show.”

What to expect each week

Reeser said to expect tons of action in every episode. “[T]here’s so much happening. And there are so many characters on this. So it is really packed, each episode. I really find that to be such a nice change,” she said. “You know, we don’t talk down to our audience. I feel like we challenge our audience every weekend. You know, you might need to watch it a couple of times.”

Reeser said that while there is so much to learn about the conspiracy, there are also going to be touches of normalcy throughout the show. “I think we balance that really nicely with simpler human moments of romance and of, you know, brotherhood in these – just relationships between people. I think that’s one of the things that’s really good on the show. It really is character-driven as well,” she said.

Is Reeser on Team Chaplin?

“Oh that’s such a tough question. I’ve asked myself that same question. And I honestly don’t know,” she said when asked if she agrees with Captain Chaplin’s (Andre Braugher) actions. “…I can see it going either way. I really could. I think – I really think there’s a lot in this show also about the declaration of patriotism and what does that mean, because it means different things to different people. And that’s part of the conflict on the boat.”

Part of the conflict Reeser was referring to was the characters’ differing opinions on patriotism. “Some people think that it means following orders from the top no matter what. And that means you’re a patriot,” she said. “Other people think it means serving your country and protecting your country. And that might mean you need to protect your country from the people at top. And that’s a really interesting question and conflict that, you know, Chaplin and Prosser [Robert Patrick]are embroiled in. I don’t know what side I would have fallen on. But I would not have been on the submarine in the first place because I’m afraid of submarines. So hopefully I would never have had to make that decision.”

Last Resort airs on ABC every Thursday at 8/7c.