Survivor Season 25 Review “This Isn’t a We Game”

Survivor began tonight as it always does with a quick glimpse at the losing tribe returning from tribal council, as we see the dejected Matsing tribe discussing Roxie’s explosive exit at the beginning of tonight’s installment “This Isn’t a We Game”. Even though Roxie may have been a little too aggressive last week, and a little too useless around camp, she does have a point; Couples can be dangerous in this game. This isn’t lost on Russell, so it will be interesting to see if he switches to go with the couple or to team with Denise.

While the dearly departed Roxie may have been a little too aggressive for her own good, there isn’t a shortage of aggressive women in this game. Over on the yellow tribe, Abi is starting to butt heads with her good buddy RC. I’m not entirely sure what Abi’s deal is, as she seemed to be looking for an excuse to bite RC’s head off, but she immediately runs over to Pete to help her find an immunity idol behind RC’s back!

This isn’t all of the immunity idol drama happening before the challenge, as the Kalabaw members have noticed that the little wooden ox on top of their rice container is missing. Jeff was pretty quick to excuse Jonathan, and I’m not sure if it’s genuine suspicion or if he’s just trying to give people excuses to vote against the guy.

That takes us to the immunity/reward challenge, and it was a doozy! The castaways needed to dive pretty darn deep in order to get puzzle pieces to spell the word “Treasure”, and it was a close one! Matsing was totally out of it for 95% of the game, then they got within striking distance right at the end! Russell completely choked, and it was very telling how quiet he was when they lost. He’s usually screaming and stomping his feet, but he knows it was his fault this time.

There was some pretty interesting post-challenge/pre-tribal scenes to discuss here. Jonathan decided to tell Jeff about his idol, which I actually thought was smart. Penner is a smart, experienced player, so he probably just sensed that Jeff had his suspicions, and decided it’d be smarter to come clean then to be caught red-handed. Meanwhile, Abi finds the idol over on Tan Deng, and she keeps it a secret from RC! I’m not convinced of Abi’s smarts in this game, so I’m really not sure about her idea to keep the idol a secret from the girl that’s been her partner since day one.

So this takes us all to another hard-to-watch tribal council, as Russell was all ready to call on the strength of his ancestors and make a 20-year-old girl cry! I did feel a little bad for Angie, but good for her for going out fighting and walking out with class. That’s how somebody should leave Survivor. I’m really hoping Matsing wings immunity next week so we can see another group at tribal council, but it’s gonna be tough. See you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– How many times do you think Malcolm has heard that “Malcolm in the Middle” joke? He was chuckling on the outside, but his eyes weren’t laughing at all!

– I’ve made it no secret in my reviews how much I hate this new trend of TV stations putting hashtags on screen during their broadcasts. It’s especially irritating on shows like this that have such beautiful HD shots of the breathtaking scenery of the Philippines, and then they splash the stupid “#ImmunityChallenge” on top of it. Oh also, putting “#ImmunityIdol” up right before somebody finds the idol kinda spoils it! Just stop it!

– Remember back when you needed multiple clues to find an immunity idol on Survivor? That never happens anymore! Now we’re lucky if somebody even finds one clue before stumbling onto an idol!