Supernatural Season 8 Premiere: The Aftermath

We Need To Talk About Kevin Supernatural

Now that you have seen the very exciting season 8 premiere of Supernatural, I wanted to share a few extra points executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer talked about during their Q&A with reporters (you can find my first article here).

Closing Hell’s Gate

This season’s arc is to close Hell’s Gate. First off, that begs the question, what happens if you do close the Hell’s Gate? Carver shared that no demons doesn’t necessarily mean no hunting. In Supernatural, even though you would eliminate a great chunk of things to hunt, you wouldn’t eliminate all of them. Of course, he wouldn’t elaborate much more on that.

However what he did share was that some of the questions that will come up during this season’s arc are meant to provide some new things that will be explored in future seasons. Furthermore, they will clarify what it means exactly to close Hell’s Gate in future episodes.

Kevin’s Mom Will Be Back

Mrs. Tran, Kevin’s mom, will be back in next week’s episode “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?” and Carver teased that she will give the boys a sort of mother figure they haven’t had in a long time. He added that it would be a fun dynamic and can be a bit unpredictable at times.

Purgatory is Pure

In the premiere, we heard Dean and Benny refer to purgatory as “pure.” It is an interesting concept because Carver explained that Dean got more brutal in the last year, however he came out of purgatory with the idea that it was pure down there. The last thing you’d expect for him coming out of purgatory is to think of it as a happy experience, so the season will explore how he will deal with that.

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