Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Stolen Huffy” – A Touching Goodbye

This week on Sons of Anarchy, the boys said goodbye to Opie. ‘Stolen Huffy’ was a solid episode that pushed the season forward, building necessary links for the future, before pulling us back to remind us just what it’s taken to get to this point. And what a closing scene that was.

With Nero’s brothel closed down, Jax sees an opportunity to make money away from guns and drugs. He shows off his entrepreneurial spirit by partnering with Nero on a new venture — joining Nero’s girls with the Cara Cara girls, creating a porn-hooking setup that will give them both what they want. Both sides ask for something in return though; Nero wants SAMCRO’s mess to stay away from the business, and Jax wants Nero to stay away from his mom.

That last bit doesn’t really look to be an issue, given what Gemma gets up to this week. Nero’s right hand hooker, Carla, caused trouble when she told Nero’s guys that it was the hooker Gemma attacked who ratted the brothel out to the police. Nero asks for Jax’s help getting the girl out of harm’s way, leading to a high speed chase and Jax coming off his motorcycle. The situation is sorted out in the end, but Gemma is still pissed, and she riles up Tara, too. The pair of them attack Carla and Nero doesn’t look too pleased when we see him towards the end of the episode.

I can see this new venture going either way: it could be a good thing for all parties, or it could be an horrific mess. Nero trying to ensure that the club’s trouble stays away from the business feels like it could be foreshadowing something going down later in the season. Will Pope find out about the business? Will he want a cut of the profits? And will the business be a big shiny target for the enemies of SAMCRO to attack later on?

Wendy was back this week. Gemma asked Wendy to bail her out after her arrest, creating an oddly amiable atmosphere between them. Later, Wendy goes to talk to Tara (and gets her first glimpse of Abel in a long while), trying to get access to Abel, but is shut down once again. When Tara discusses it with Jax that night, he tells Tara that Abel will never be any other woman’s son.

We’re only four episodes into the season and already Wendy has made it clear a few times that she wants to see her son. The logical progression would be for her to start a custody battle, and let’s face it, if the choices are the ex-junkie who’s turned her life around and seems to be doing quite well, or the convict biker and his perhaps mentally unstable wife, the odds could potentially be in Wendy’s favour. Will Jax and Tara let it get that far? Or will they cave and allow Wendy to get to know Abel?

The episode ended with Opie’s wake. Everyone saying their goodbyes and filling the casket with tokens was emotional enough, but by the time Jax slipped the photograph of him and Opie as children into Opie’s cut, it was full on heartbreaking. There’s not much more to be said about it. A brilliant scene and perfectly acted; Sons of Anarchy at its best.

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