Parenthood Season 4 “The Talk” Review – Wrong Earmuffs Jabbar!

Talk about red herrings. The choice of “The Talk” as the title for this week’s episode of Parenthood was as deceptive but much less disturbing than the title “Laying Pipe” for last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy.

There are a lot of people in serious need of a candid talk on the show, the most obvious being Kristina and Adam needing to share her recent breast cancer diagnosis with their family. I’d also venture to say that Mark and Sarah are on the verge of needing to discuss their relationship. I always think Zeek is hiding a secret or two.

Thanks to the use of the wrong “earmuffs” (for you fans of the movie Old School), Jabbar was exposed to a racial slur that warranted explanation from a responsible figure. I’m really loving Jabbar, Jasmine and Crosby this season. I hope they remain the centered couple this season. Admittedly, I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie or read any of the books but I know enough to be amused by Crosby’s use of Voldemort as a way to make a teachable moment out of an uncomfortable situation.

The talk with Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar as well as the talk between just Jasmine and Crosby were by far my favorite moments of the episode.

Speaking of popular books and blockbuster movies, Hank and Sarah continued to bond this week thanks to the Hunger Games and the revelation that Hank has a daughter.

Max’s campaign ambitions picked up steam this week. I was so proud of him and the second Kristina asked to look at the signatures, I knew that Max’s 25 signatures was probably made up mostly of fake names. Teenagers can be so cruel. Damn you Seymore Butts. Someone even dropped a “r” bomb. Crushing. I was nearly as shocked by Max’s dropping of the “f” bomb in response to Adam’s attempt to put the kibosh on the Max’s campaign.

Adam is understandably concerned about his wife’s health but he is on the cusp of micro-managing the hell out of Kristina’s treatment. Calm down Adam.

Speaking of crushing moments, it was so great to see Joel get more screen time this week. He hadn’t quite bonded with Victor yet, so it was his turn at bat. Pun! My heart sank as Victor lashed out at Joel because of his frustration with his first attempt to play baseball. That moment made the Joel’s breakthrough with Victor that much sweeter to watch. When Victor asked Joel to play catch, my heart melted.

Yes, I’m a sappy television watcher who is quietly hoping Max’s campaign won’t end as badly as it potentially could. Either way, I’m sure tears will be shed. I’m glad that the Parenthood writers have not belabored Victor’s transition. Of course these things take more time in real life but we’ve only got 11 episodes left. There is no time to spare!

Another great episode of Parenthood. Even the storyline with Zeek and the soldier tugged at the heartstrings. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Sound off below!

  • Piercetina17

    I’m so glad you did the part with Zeek and the soldier. I’m retired Air Force and that is how I have felt since I retired. Invisible… I put 20 years in and none of that experience transfers to civilian life unless you work on base. Thank you

    • I completely agree.  I knew once Zeek walked in, he’d be doing way more than making bad coffee and that it would be something positive.  I have an uncle and cousin that served and you’re right, it’s tough to get work beyond the base.  My uncle is actually retired Air Force too.  Thank you for your service!

  • richard

    good episode. i honestly hope max doesnt win. i know the show does plenty of things that “arent realistic” but i think they should portray this realistically and have him lose. it would just be more interesting, even if it would be devestating. but some times we want to see bad outcomes. thats why breaking bad is so fascinating cause its always such a train wreck!

    however, for parenthood i think it would be better to have nicer outcomes most of the time. but for this, i want max desroyed in the campaign. and i love max

    • I love the last 2 lines of your comment.  LOL.  I think win or lose, he’s already won because he’s doing stuff that is way out of his comfort zone.  I agree that the most realistic outcome would be for him to lose.I looked at the previews for next week and I know it is sure to be a tearjerker.