Doctor Who: Theories About The Doctor’s New Companion, Clara

For some Whovians, it may still be a little too soon to discuss the issue of The Doctor’s new companion. While I will miss the Ponds, I can’t help but get excited about The Doctor going on new adventures with a new companion.

If Steven Moffat is to be believed (and that’s a big “if” considering that – like The Doctor – Moffat lies) Jenna Louise Coleman will be playing The Doctor’s new companion starting with this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Fans were thrown for a loop when Coleman was introduced earlier this season as Oswin Oswald in Asylum of the Daleks. Immediately after the episode, Whovians began to speculate about how Moffat planned to bring Coleman back as a companion. Rumor has it that the new companion will be named “Clara,” so below, I’ve compiled a list of some of the theories surrounding the mysterious return of Oswin Oswald/Clara Oswin.

Clara, The Dalek

Perhaps my favorite of the Oswin theories is the idea that she would join The Doctor on his travels as a Dalek. While some might enjoy seeing The Doctor with an actual Dalek on board, I’m thinking Oswin might return as one of those Dalek Puppets. She would have all the mechanics of a Dalek, but be able to walk around normally in a body resembling flesh.

In the past, elite Daleks have saved themselves from destruction using an emergency temporal shift. Being the hacker genius that she is, Oswin could have discovered this escape plan and shifted her way out of danger after lowering the force field for The Doctor to escape the Dalek asylum.

Oswin might be able to figure out how to program those nano-genes to return her to a human-like form so she could have the best of both worlds. Since she seemed to get along so well with “Chin Boy,” she just might try tracking him down (with the aid of her built in Dalek technology) and letting him show her the stars.

The Doctor has no idea what Oswin actually looked like, so if her name is Clara and not Oswin, she probably adopted the name as part of her plan to join The Doctor on the TARDIS. If she introduced herself as the former Dalek, Oswin, he might suspect that she’s part of a Dalek plot against him.

After the heartbreak of the Ponds’ departure, Dalek Oswin would actually make a great companion for The Doctor – she wants to see the Universe almost as much as he does and she’d never age.

Cousin Clara

Identical cousins – Doctor Who has done it before. Clara could be a distant relative of Oswin Oswald who happens to look exactly like her. Oswin was so much fun, so if this is the case, I’d hope their personalities would also end up being remarkably similar.

Saved by The Doctor

Perhaps, after reflecting on all the lives he could have saved, The Doctor decides to go on a rescue mission and save Oswin from the asylum. He’d have to time his rescue precisely so that the other version of himself would have already escaped and he wouldn’t risk running into his past self.

He’d pick Oswin up in her Dalek form and they’d vanish together in the TARDIS just before the blast wiped out the the asylum. He might even decide to offer her a second chance at normal life by using The Flesh technology to construct a Ganger body for her.

A Timey Wimey Introduction

This basically imitates the River Song story line. The theory suggests that Oswin might have ended up on the Asylum after already having traveled with the future version of The Doctor and we’re seeing their timelines in an opposite chronology. Of course, this theory assumes that Oswin kept all that information a secret and lied about never having met The Doctor before. To me, this seems like the least likely possibility.

One Of Those Familiar Faces

Even if they’re both played by Coleman, maybe Clara Oswin and Oswin Oswald are not related in any way, shape, or form – Doctor Who has done this before too. Despite their similar names, maybe we’re expected to believe that she’s just got one of those familiar faces.

Oswin, Fragmented In Time

In this theory, the force of the explosion on the Asylum caused Oswin to be “fragmented” throughout space and time. In classic Doctor Who, this is what happened to Scaroth aka. Captain Tancredi/Count Scarlioni. Might The Doctor end up traveling with a fragment of the original Oswin? That might explain the rumors about different names for her character.


We’ve got over two months before that Doctor Who Christmas special answers at least some of our questions. Until then, I’ll be ruminating the mystery of Oswin Oswald.

Do any of these theories make sense to you? Have any theories of your own? Let me know in the comments below!