The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Protect and Serve” – More Arbitrary Stuff Happens

The Mob Doctor (FOX) Protect and Serve Episode 3

The short version of this review of the latest episode of The Mob Doctor is “UGH!” The long version is this:

Grace and the doctors are charged with helping a family survive a terrible car accident. The wife needs brain surgery ASAP. The father needs his hip popped back into place and some relatively minimal care. The young son (and avid soccer player) needs help with his leg, and the little girl is fine. Or so we think. The girl seemed like she had minimal injuries, even with the threat of hurt lungs, but suddenly, the young girl’s heart stops. Grace is devastated by the death, “perfect student” doctor Olivia wants to cut the girl open for “practice” (an action that makes her seem too much like a cookie-cutter villain) and the head doctor, Dr. Stafford White (Zeljko Ivanek), tells Grace to take a break. Cue the call from Constantine for her assistance.

As it turns out, Constantine needs her to help patch up the drunken guy who caused the car accident. He’s needed for whatever thing Constantine needs in order to take back his mob dynasty. We see Grace work on the guy to see if he has internal bleeding. He does, but she lies, saying he’s fine. At the time, I was guessing that she was getting vengeance for the girl, and I was delightfully surprised. Finally, we see the woman who would make a deal with the mob and go to sleep at night, mostly at ease with the decision. However, when we go through the episode, the guy ends up in the hospital anyway, taking away any kind of character development or fuel for this week’s story. After this guy doesn’t die, the show just plods along, as usual.

Anyway, the subplot this episode is Brett vs. Dr. White when it comes to the fate of the boy’s leg. White wants the boy’s leg removed because it’s the safest path to take. Brett, however, wants to save the boy’s leg so he won’t have to stop playing soccer. He proposes a fairly risky surgery, however, White doesn’t want it, and with good reason; if the boy’s leg gets infected after the surgery, he could die.

Of course Brett goes through with the surgery, getting the boy’s father involved in the decision. White is livid when he finds out, as he should be. But after the surgery (that we don’t get to see since it’s not involving Grace), the boy seems fine. Grace comes to verbally comfort Brett about going up against The Man, and then they both go to an empty patient’s room, where she proceeds to physically comfort Brett. I’m sure in the future, I’ll need to use a hospital bed for events that happen in the natural progression of life (hopefully nothing too serious!) and as a future patient and militaristic germaphobe, I was completely grossed out and disturbed by this scene. I don’t want to see my doctors getting it on in a room that I might have to use later! They didn’t even have the decency to take the (hopefully) sanitized sheets off!

Anyway, the boy is now in critical condition because just as White said, the boy’s leg became infected. Now it’s time for an emergency surgery, which we also don’t see. These two surgeries are possibly the most dramatic moments of this episode, and we don’t get to see either of them. The boy survives, thanks to White’s sound leadership. He decides not to ride Brett any more than he already has for his decision; residents suffer enough when their decisions don’t go the way they planned, he says.

Okay, stuff with the mob–Constantine is out to get his empire back, his right-hand man gets killed, Grace’s brother is now working for Constantine, and Franco is a double-crosser for that first mobster, the guy we thought was killed by Constantine in the first episode! It’s a ridiculous twist, for sure. Also ridiculous is Franco being Grace’s boyfriend from high school. Did we know this before? I didn’t.

So now we have to contend with dead mobster who wants to get back at Constantine. We’ll see how this goes.

  • Gamblerwon

    great show mob doctor.. seems if you did not care for the sopranos you wont understand this..THINK ITALIAN,THEN REVIEW!

  • Crazyquilterme

    WE Love this show  please keep it on!  The Cohen’s  much better than major crimes