The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Hiring and Firing”

This week’s episode of The Mindy Project, “Hiring and Firing,” put Mindy’s dating life on the back burner to focus on the dynamic of her work environment.

Honing in on the practice proved to be a really successful step for The Mindy Project. Although Mindy was still the same character we met in the pilot, focusing on her professional relationships made her more accessible and realistic. Mindy didn’t seem as shallow and naive as she did when we first met her and we saw her love of romantic comedies and pop culture as a cute quirk instead of a social defect.

While we did dabble in her dating life, her frozen yogurt and a pretzel date with an architect she met at the bookstore was not essential to the story or to her character’s development. It was merely a comedic ornament, a slice of Mindy’s personal life that kept the series linked to its romcom base while letting us enjoy some lighthearted workplace humor.

Mindy and Danny’s bickering didn’t stop this week, but seeing Danny talk to Dr. Shullman about the practice made him seem less one dimensional than he did in the pilot. Watching the pilot, I was convinced that Mindy and Danny were going to be the couple that fell in love while they were busy hating one another. Watching tonight’s episode, I wasn’t quite so sure. I can see Mindy and Danny becoming brutally honest friends as much as I can picture them falling for one another unintentionally.

Jeremy was tasked with firing the practice’s terrible nurse, Beverly, which led to a series of comical conversations as he tried to let her down easy. Jeremy was terrible at getting his point across and Beverly was completely oblivious to his obtuse hints and gentle suggestions. I enjoyed Jeremy tonight, but he still seems like a caricature of a romantic comedy character and I’d like to see him become something more real.

While Jeremy was trying to fire Beverly, Danny and Mindy were going through a series of unsuccessful interviews trying to hire a replacement. Just as I was beginning to tire of their interview fighting, Morgan “Ransom” Tuckers walked in and stole the show.

Morgan seemed like a clueless sleazeball in the mix of interviews, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the way he handled his interview process. After Mindy was punched in the face by Beverly, we saw that Morgan wasn’t completely clueless, he was just a really strange guy. Morgan is quite a bit wackier than the other characters we’ve met on The Mindy Project, but he absolutely cracked me up and I’m happy that he’ll be mingling with the regular characters for a little while.

This week’s episode of The Mindy Project was a big improvement from last week’s pilot. The cast isn’t totally in sync yet, but that’s to be expected as they all work out their comedic kinks. If every week can show this much improvement, then I’m looking forward to what The Mindy Project has in store.

  • Anonymous

    I think they will continue to grow Danny’s character (and be right to do so) as the season progresses.  Chris Messina is certainly capable of multiple dimensions.

    The British Lothario of the office, however, is not.