Revolution Season 1 Review “No Quarter” – In Which the Most Effective Weapon is Asthma

This week on Revolution in ‘No Quarter’, Charlie, Miles and Nora try to help the members of a rebel base that’s under siege; Aaron and Maggie explore Grace’s house for clues about turning on the power; and Danny faces off with the best friend of the soldier he killed.

Last week’s episode ended on a high with the reveal of rebels, who want to bring back the United States and bring down the Monroe Republic. This week we actually got to meet some of the rebels and, well, it wasn’t looking good. We meet them at their lowest, post-attack, with injured dying and the Militia heading their way. It’s a bad situation, and we know this because while Miles sensibly points out that they have to get moving, Charlie stands around doing an angsty face. While a lone gunman (perhaps my second favourite person of the episode) sits on the roof with the stolen sniper rifle and picks off any Militia who get too close, the folk inside the building try to tunnel their way out. It’s a ridiculous plan, and eventually the Militia get inside, trapping them, but not before Miles takes a Militia leader called Jeremy hostage.

Jeremy is an interesting addition to his show for a few reasons: 1) He’s played by Mark Pellegrino who is incapable of not being awesome and 2) he reveals that Miles used to be the second-in-command of Monroe’s militia. It’s just a shame that they decided to reveal this so early on in the season. It’s the type of reveal that hits harder once you’ve gotten to know and care for a character, and it may have worked for some viewers, but at this point I’m still ambivalent about Miles, and so the reveal was less ‘OMG’ than ‘oh, okay’.

What follows was Miles giving himself up to the Militia in exchange for the lives of the rebels (and Charlie and Nora) being spared. Somehow this logic actually works, despite the Militia being a bagful of asshats, just because Miles once knew the Militia so well. Go figure. Charlie shows her badass again after this, teaming up with Nora to rescue Miles, and our actually quite bland threesome is back together again.

In amidst the chaos, we got a reveal from Nora, too. She tells Miles that she joined the rebels because of a guy, but then admits to Charlie that it wasn’t a guy, it was a ‘boy’. Her son, to be exact. See, she dated this guy, Frank, who was obviously a moron and got into a fight with Militia men (note to ‘verse: if Militia guys try to wind you up, just walk on), she tried to protect him and got a bit beat up herself — enough to lose the child she was carrying. Because it’s obviously a good idea to jump into fights when you’re five months pregnant, right? I’m assuming the point of Frank was to throw us off the scent, so we don’t automatically assume that the baby was Miles’, even though the baby was probably Miles’. The cliche, it burns. (Granted, Kripke did manage to pull this off once in Supernatural — I still choose to believe Ben was Dean Winchester’s son.)

Here’s something for the folks behind Revolution to bear in mind: Sometimes people do something because it’s the right thing to do. When militias are forcing people to live in fear, when they are controlling them at every turn, when they’re apparently raping their women and stealing their food, well, then it’s perfectly acceptable for a person to think ‘I’m going to join the rebels and end this situation’ just because of righteous indignation. Sometimes, seeing a bad situation is motivation enough. Not every character needs a tragic past. In the case of female characters on television, not all of them need to have lost true loves and children. In fact, and this is a wild and crazy thought, but not all women want children or have had true loves. If men can do things ‘just because’, so can women. (Sidenote: are there women in the Milita? Can’t recall seeing any yet.)

Back at Grace’s house, Aaron and Maggie dug though broken computer parts and emoed a lot. I know talking about computer bits isn’t the most thrilling thing ever, but surely they could have done more than just rehash the same stuff they talked about last week? These two did, however, give the scene of the episode (in my opinion): the brief moment of power that they had at the end, in which Miles enjoyed the first audio recording he’d heard in over a decade and Maggie finally got to look at a photo of her kids on her iPhone, was brilliantly done.

I think that’s my biggest issue with Revolution actually. We need to be more focused on the power and the background of the Monroe Republic than we are on this quest to find Danny. It’s not a strong enough catalyst to really drive the show forward, less so when we get to see Danny and he’s being badass all by himself (seriously, I love that kid, can he have a spinoff in which he wheezes, power plays and threatens people a lot?). This series is lacking something, an energy maybe (no pun intended), and redirecting focus to a bigger aim than ‘save Danny, encounter convenient along the way’ may spark something good further down the line.

Overall, not a horrible episode, just not a particularly good one either.

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  • Macgyver

    I think the show has potential to be awesome.  They are using some unknown actors (to save money) and trying to build on this situation of being cast into the darkness..

    The power company had my neighborhood turned off a week ago for maintenance on a substation. Driving home that night with no streetlights and no lights in any homes was eerie.  The only light other than my truck was those cheesy solar yard lights…

    That made me thing, when I walked in the house, all I had was a flashlight, these people didn’t even have that… just try and turn off your tablet, and all the lights in the room and your TV and sit there in the dark and think about not having a refrigerator or food in the cub boards   Imagine you have no job to go to, your job every day is to find/grow/hunt for food.

    Every day you walk outside and have to carry your gun to protect yourself from thieves or looters trying to take what you have…it would be a scary life and the show seems to show that a form of government has formed (even though it is corrupt, aren’t they all) and people are doing what they have to do to survive.  It is a good story because it makes you think, and even if the show takes a while to build a story/characters you can love, I have high hopes.  Those that don’t like it can move on and not talk about it anymore…