Go On Season 1 Review “Do You Believe in Ghosts?… Yes!”

One week after I questioned Go On‘s lack of emotional depth (relative to the material), the show answered the bell with some of their best emotional work to date. When Ryan’s deceased wife, Janie (played pretty competently by Christine Woods), appeared on the screen, I knew they were going for the heartstrings in this episode. That being said, I thought they executed the storyline well. They didn’t get much humor out of the situation, but this story didn’t need it. It was legitimately touching, and Matthew Perry did a great job of portraying a widower being visited by his dead wife in a way that would seem believable. These moments are what the show can be when it decides to get serious about the tragedies people experience in their lives instead of completely trivializing them as they did last week.

While the emotional beats really hit their mark this week, it seemed like it came at the expense of the humor. The B-plot revolving around Lauren’s test anxiety didn’t really do much for me. It seemed like they were just giving the group something to do while we spent time with Ryan, his dead wife, and Steven. It’s nice that they worked together to accomplish something by helping their group leader, but who cares that Lauren is a real estate agent? Will we ever see her show a house? It really seemed like a fairly large waste of time. While the actors in the group have some comedic talent, it appears that they need Ryan to bounce things off of. Without the dominant figure in the room, they tend to flounder. It’s not surprising that the group isn’t nearly as successful without Ryan around. Hopefully, the showrunners agree with me recognize this fact and adjust accordingly for later episodes.

Overall, it seems like we are still waiting for Go On to put it together. This week was successful emotionally, but seemed to struggle from a comedic standpoint. What did you think of tonight’s episode?