Alphas Season 2 Review “Life After Death”

“Life After Death,” was the sort of obligatory transitional episode that comes after the traumatic and tragic death of an important character. After Dani died on Alphas last week, there was no way that Rosen and the rest of the Alphas would be jumping right back into the normal swing of things.

We saw Rosen and Cameron in mourning. Initially, Rosen withdrew from the world and immersed himself in Dani’s world, while Cameron stewed in his rage and took it out on the only other person that was suffering as much as he was.

Although the two of them handled their emotions quite differently, they both blamed themselves to an extent and they both felt that Parish did not deserve the “comforts” of prison. That last little bit was probably the most troubling. While I understand Rosen and Cameron’s rage, their mission for vengeance will take their characters to much darker places.

There will come a time when it will become difficult to tell when Rosen and Cameron are acting for the greater good of humanity, versus acting out their desire for revenge. Rosen already had an obsession with Parish that sometimes interfered with the smooth operation of the Alphas team. Now his hunt has become more personal than it has ever been.

Rachel and John ran into one another again, and since she was feeling lonely, Rachel invited John over for awkward sex. They talked about their awkward sex and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day in bed practicing – but not before Rachel’s dad got home and caught the two of them getting flirty.

I cracked up when Rachel ran out of the kitchen leaving John in his underwear, standing face to face with her dad. John’s reaction when he came back into Rachel’s room after his mortifying first meeting was absolutely perfect. While I think this episode of Alphas spent a little too much time on these two, this story line definitely made me care for John more than I did before.

As if to balance out all the heavy emotions, Alphas decided to team Gary up with a baby. Gary’s desire to care for and protect “Kyle or Benjamin” was cute and provided a welcome break from all the gloom lingering in the other story lines.

The mystery behind the baby was intriguing, and I enjoyed watching Bill and Nina try and figure out what was really going on with the Alpha baby and his “parents.” Plus, the fight that ensued after it became clear that these people were not really Kyle/Benjamin’s parents was pretty awesome.

Rosen explained that the baby somehow induced production of vasopressin in the people he touched which caused them to feel protective. Rosen didn’t really theorize on what it was about the baby might allow that to happen, but Rosen said that he’d be testing the other babies held in the lab to see what he could find out.

Now that Kyle/Benjamin is going to be a Bill Jr., I assume he’ll be in and out of the Alphas story in the future. I’m hoping that will give Rosen a chance to offer a better explanation for what he believes is the condition causing the baby’s Alpha ability. I’m also hoping that means we’ll get to see more of Gary and his baby sidekick in the future.