2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Pearl Necklace”

And The Pearl Necklace

Well, first of all, I’d like to congratulate the creators of 2 Broke Girls, Michael Patrick King (“Sex and the City”) and Whitney Cummings (“Chelsea Lately”), who never met a sex pun they didn’t like, for making to literally the last minute of the show without doing a pun on the title, “And the Pearl Necklace.” (If you have to ask…ask Google, but don’t say you weren’t warned.)

Mind you this is a show that opened with several straight minutes of vagina jokes, so that does qualify as restraint here. However, it’s also a show where literally all of said jokes were made by women, so I suppose that qualifies as some sort of demented progress as well. One Zooey Deschanel-esque chick even said, and I quote: “Dude, your vagina is awesome!” Ah, 2 Broke Girls, subtlety is truly your ace in the hole…pun definitely intended.

Any-hoo, this week, the creators remembered that there was an underlying plot thread still at hand and returned to the Martha Stewart subject matter for the first time since last season’s finale. Here the girls, stressed about not having heard from Mrs. Stewart, decide to go hunt her down at her local headquarters. There, they panic when they see…gasp! A cupcake machine! Oh, the horror!
Quips Caroline (Beth Behrs): “It looks like a gay R2D2…okay, a gayer R2D2.”

Not to get nitpicky, but that seemed more like a Max joke to me than a Caroline one, funny as it was. Although, that said, really wasn’t C3PO the gay one? Alright, alright, I digress. As aforementioned, we’re not exactly dealing with Shakespeare here.

The girls didn’t fare too well in their Martha hunt, with Max even getting hit by a car! Fortunately, she emerged unscathed, despite the supposed bad luck Caroline felt was brought on by the destruction of her “lucky” pearls- hence the title, “And the Pearl Necklace.” To further ease their pain, the girls got a text from Mrs. Stewart at the end of the show for their troubles, despite inadvertently causing one of her employees tooth trauma by way of a wayward pearl in a sample cupcake. So, the cupcake dream lives to die another day.

Meanwhile, Oleg (Jonathan Kite) got that much closer to locking down gal pal Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) into DTR. Although it did take the appearance of a sexy Ruskie competitor (who, forget those cupcakes, was mighty yummy-looking, I must say) to force the issue. Might I also say that Coolidge is worth her paycheck to wring laughs out of jokes about edible, crotch-less panties and microwaveable lube? (Don’t ask.)

A solid episode, but they’re coasting a bit if I’m being honest. Still some good lines here and there, so not a total wash. Fave line: “Let me sum it up: Twitter is stupid, and Instagram is Twitter for people who can’t read.” (Not that that’s gonna stop me from posting this review on Twitter, mind you, but I still laughed.) I also laughed at the hippie jewelry store name: “Beading Off.” It was like a vocal version of one of those cast-off background “Simpsons” jokes you see if you’re really paying attention. Well played, 2 Broke Girls.

What did you think? Glad they brought back the Martha storyline this week, or should they leave it behind? Do Oleg and Sophie make a cute couple, or would you like to see more of the mysterious Russian babe? (I certainly wouldn’t complain…) Let me know in the comments section!

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