Copper Season 1 Review “The Hudson River School”

After last week’s episode of Copper, I had decided that Elizabeth was fit to join the rest of the scumbags in 1860’s New York. Her reaction to finding out the truth about Annie’s “father” in the opening of this week’s episode, “The Hudson River School,” made me doubt her malicious intentions, but I’m not ready to give her a pass just yet.

Maybe if she had only lied about it once to Corcoran, I might forgive her, but she perpetuated the lie and fabricated a story to back it. It was only after she realized that Annie’s father was really her husband that she felt like she had to get Annie back. She could ignore Annie’s pleas and screams as he tore her out of the house, but guilt didn’t really hit her until she knew why Corcoran hadn’t returned Annie to her own family.

Elizabeth tried to avoid telling Corcoran the truth herself and instead asked Moorehouse to break to news for her. To be fair, Corcoran’s reaction to discovering Elizabeth’s lie was frighting and violent. I don’t believe that he needed to get physical with her to make her understand how serious he was.

Blaming Annie for Corcoran’s reaction, Elizabeth made her way back to Moorehouse for comfort and Moorehouse was able to offer her the comfort of an opium tincture and his bed. Personally, I think these two deserve each other.

Poor Annie added another self-defense murder to her belt. She might feel the safest with Corcoran, but I don’t know that he’s going to be able to give her the constant attention and care that she needs to overcome, or at least cope with all her trauma. Even in an era where everyone seems to be lying, stealing, murdering, or raping, the consensus among all adults in Copper‘s world is that Annie is too young to be so experienced with that kind of life. We saw that tonight when Annie’s face turned sinister after Corcoran had tucked her into bed and she crept down the staircase to watch Eva and Corcoran indulge in their urges.

Aside from being Elizabeth’s rebound man, Moorehouse was involved in an investigation into rumors of a Rebel invasion that would mean the destruction of New York. After a “Mr. Kennedy”, a Rebel spy pretending to be from Ottowa, was found out by Moorehouse, the story took an unexpected turn.

Moorehouse led “Mr. Kennedy” to believe that he wanted to cooperate with the Confederate spies so he could learn about their plan to use “Greek Fire” to destroy New York. I doubt that Moorehouse is looking to collaborate with the Rebels as much as he’s letting “Mr. Kennedy” believe, but I have a feeling that a controlled fire in Five Points might just coincide with the Moorehouse family plan to rebuild that area of New York.

Meanwhile, we found Sarah looking timidly out the window again in this week’s episode. With Jasper out of the house, she spends most of her time alone. After a bout of sickness, Matthew examined her and discovered that she was pregnant. Their happiness was almost extinguished by Sarah’s panic over whether it would be right to bring a child into a world where there was so much race based violence.

Matthew was able to soothe Sarah’s worries, but the way she is now, she’s only going to get more frightened of the world when she’s got a small child to protect. I hope that over the course of her pregnancy, Sarah becomes stronger and develops into a character that is able to do more than stare out the window.

On the Francis front, he finally discovers that Mary had been bribing the local men using her deceased sister’s ledger of abortions. Mary runs off to England with another man, leaving Francis angry and confused.

In a drunken stupor, Francis tells Corcoran that something has been bothering him about Molly’s death, so it looks like we’re finally going to see someone investigate Molly’s murder. If I thought that Corcoran reacted violently towards Elizabeth for a lie, I can only imagine what he’ll do to Eva.