Bones Season 8 Review “The Gunk in the Garage” – Smitten With Sweets

Bones The Gunk in the Garage Season 8 Episode 3

This episode of Bones, appropriately called “The Gunk in the Garage,” was apparently voted the most disgusting episode by the cast and crew and boy, was that the truth. Once again, I made the mistake of eating dinner right at the beginning of the episode (my schedule really left no other time for it) and I really hope I never, ever do that again.

But though there were plenty of squishy body parts and discussions about cockroach eggs, that wasn’t the only thing that happened in this episode. First of all, I feel like Bones got back into its stride with this one. After everything that the team has been through recently – plus Booth and Bones trying to get back to being a couple last week – it was nice to return to the show doing its normal formula of disgusting bodies, witty one-liners, action and all that fun stuff. Also, this episode definitely left me truly smitten with Sweets; even more than I was before.

I had no doubt that Booth would never end up taking that promotion that Caroline dangled in front of him, but his absence from the field let Sweets have a moment to shine. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this Spalding chick but I wish TV shows wouldn’t make me absolutely despise a female character before presenting her as a possible love interest. She spent the first half of the episode making fun of everything that Sweets did and he still liked her? Call me crazy but I definitely wouldn’t be interested in someone who did that to me.

Whatever happens with his romantic life though, I’m just happy that Sweets has come into his own as a pseudo-agent. First he got to carry a gun and work in the field and now he’s been shot in the line of duty. If that doesn’t prove that he’s a badass in his own right, I don’t know what will.

My favorite bits…

“That was the first time I made it onto a watch list.”
“Yeah, that’s much less creepy.”

A whole chunk of intestine falling on Hodgins’ face..while I was just finishing up the last of my pizza. Why oh why do I keep on getting caught eating dinner during this show??

Caroline calling Sweets, “Sweet Pea.”

“Sorry Cherie, but there is not one burlier or cuter than you.” – Woman does have a point.

“You are the best boss ever.”

The wife kicking Sweets in the shins for telling her that her husband was dead.

“Did you just threaten to shoot someone?”
“Kind of. What’s up?”

Bones instructing Sweets to point his little shrink brain at Sparling and pull the trigger.

“Guess how we are going to track down that explosive.”
“A Suppository?”

Great, let’s go ahead and add the cockroach egg conversation to the nausea that’s already sticking around after the intestines thing. Well, at least I wasn’t eating this time. Guess that’s something.

“Girls got a ‘tude, huh?” – You said it, sister. And how.

“Just aiming my big, shrink brain at her. Thought you’d like to see what I was packing.” – Haha!

Hodgins clarifying that his definition of “requisitioning” was leaving a note. Sounds like the same thing to me.

Angela using Sweets’ own techniques against him.

Okay so am I the only one who figured it out it was the foreman at the explosion company just as soon as Bones said he was injured? I knew there was a reason they were showing that guy limping.

Yay for Sweets saving the day!

“Don’t look at me, you’re the one who shot him.”

Sweets being honest enough to tell Sparling that he was seeing someone.

“You’re going to have to settle with running around shooting people until you grow up.” – She says that like it’s a weird thing.

“Sweets. That boy’s god the goods.” – Yes! I couldn’t agree more.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Mark_137

    Hated this episode nearly as much as your ass kissing biased povs review towards Sweets.

  • Jane

    You do realise that 3/4 of the Bones fandom hate Sweets? Hate that he has taken over Booth’s role so much that they prolly wanted him to die when he got shot? So I hated this ep it wasn’t Bones it was just plain awful thanks to Sweets and Tween Agent.

  • Terri

    No offense but people watch Bones to see Booth and Brennan work together with the squints. NOT to see your boy crush Sweets take over an epi with an agent we don`t know or care about. Total FAIL .

  • Caprigirl1230

    I enjoyed this episode for the fluffy break from angst that it was. I’m no Sweets lover, but he was well used here and he acted like a grown up, not a bratty kid.

    Loved seeing the whole team being used here. This was a bonus episode from Season 7 right before DB directed the finale-that’s why it’s B&B lite. David was prepping for the finale.

    Anywayyy, I really liked seeing Brennan and Hodgins out in the field together and doing their experiments in the lab. Cam and Booth scenes always give me a warm feeling. I like when we’re reminded of their friendship.

    Just wanted to mention that it was Booth, not Bones who told Sweets to point his shrinky brain at Agent Sparling.

    Always love Caroline with Booth-they so sweet with each other.

    Not sure if Agent Sparling will show up again, but hope Sweets feelings of attraction to her start the beginning of the end for him and Daisy who are better when they are not together.

    The car scene about the stroller and the final scene at home with B&B resolving the money issue was sweet and adorable. I love seeing them “couply”. She served him dinner-he poured her wine. Made me smile.