5 Reasons I am Enjoying Major Crimes on TNT

Major Crimes

Let me state up front that I was a fan of The Closer. It was one of my favorite shows on TV. Even though I did not watch it from the beginning, I still came to think of Brenda and her team as family. So, naturally, when I heard the show was ending, I was very sad. Then I started reading about the spinoff show, Major Crimes, which was set to follow the final episode of The Closer.

The more I read about Major Crimes, the more interested I became. While Captain Raydor was sometimes very annoying on The Closer as Brenda’s nemesis at first and then friend as time went on, I really like Mary McDonnell as an actor and the new vibe she brought to The Closer grew on me.

While it is not my intention to compare the two shows since I find them to be separate stand alone programs, there are some inevitable places where it is impossible to mention one without also mentioning the other. Nonetheless, below are my reasons for enjoying this new show.

The Characters

Cast of Major Crimes

Spinoff shows usually retain at least one or two characters from the parent show. This is the point of a spinoff. Major Crimes retained a very large number of characters – in fact, all of Brenda’s team, with the exception of Sgt. Gabriel, stayed on in the division. And of course, Brenda herself is also gone. But even Fritz, Brenda’s husband and the FBI liaison stayed, and is set to be a guest star on select episodes. I have also read that Brenda Leigh will be making a guest appearance at some point, which is really neat!

There is something comforting in seeing characters I have grown to know and love over the years. As I mentioned previously, these folks are like family, and I certainly know a lot about them. Since I know these characters already, I care about them without having to get to know them first.

Team Dynamics

Flynn, Sykes, Taylor, Raydor, Provenza, Sanchez - Major Crimes

Despite the familiar surroundings, the dynamics of the characters is totally different. Oh, sure, the characters still have their personality traits from The Closer. But at the same time, they are not exactly the same, since they now have a new leader, and there are new operating procedures in place. Captain Raydor is a by-the-book type of person, and leads with her own unique style.

The new dynamics help to make the show interesting, since even though I know most of the characters, their interactions are now colored by the fact Captain Raydor is in charge, plus a new detective has been added to the squad, and Commander Taylor has been promoted to Assistant Chief after Pope was promoted to Chief of Police. These four changes have lead to a lot of antagonism as everyone readjusts to the reality of the new structure. The new detective on the squad is not welcomed due to her inexperience and Assistant Chief Taylor interferes on a regular basis, making their jobs more difficult.

A Question of Justice

Raydor - Major Crimes

Captain Raydor definitely has her own way of doing things. She also has her own view of what justice is about, and the show does seem to have a bit of a Law and Order vibe, because the district attorney is playing a reasonably strong part in the proceedings.

To me, the point of the show has become more one of criminal convictions that last. Recognizing that once the arrest occurs, then the police department loses their power and it is transferred to the district attorney, this program seems to focus more on how to strike a lasting deal with the criminal that will serve justice and not let them get away with a crime by a later plea deal. I will admit it takes some getting used to, but I find it an interesting approach.

Provenza vs. Raydor

Raydor and Provenza - Major Crimes

Lt. Provenza was always one of my favorite characters. He was the crusty old timer, who also was prone to very hysterical moments due to his various antics with Lt. Flynn, and he certainly was instrumental in making the squad room lively. On Major Crimes, he has started out with a bit of a different feeling. He is bothered that Capt. Raydor was put in charge of the squad over him, and feels that she does not know as much as him, and therefore is not as qualified for the job.

For her part, Raydor has a very icy exterior, and is a hard person to read. Over the course of the episodes, we are all learning about her, Provenza included. And, it seems as he learns more about her, his hostility towards her is starting to abate. I think that the writers are doing a good job of slowly developing her relationships with him and the rest of the squad.


Rusty and Raydor - Major Crimes

Let me start out by admitting that at the beginning of this series, I was among those that strongly disliked the character of Rusty. He was a whiny little brat. I suppose he was written that way because the conflict and drama were necessary.

It has however dawned on me that he is a teenager. And I try to remind myself, especially when watching other shows with teens as prominent characters, that many teens do really behave like that. They can be selfish, whiny, self absorbed, and just generally pains in the rear. It is the nature of the beast, and not because they want to make our lives miserable – well, most of them anyway! With this realization, I found the character to be much less annoying and he has since started to grow on me, and I now care about his family drama!


Those are my reasons for enjoying Major Crimes. Do you have an opinion about the show? Thoughts on my reasons? Reasons of your own? Please let me know in the comment section below!