The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere Review “I Fought The Law”

The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere Review "I Fought The Law"

Wow. Now that’s what I call a season premiere.

I’m new to The Good Wife, but if all the episodes are going to be like this one then I think we might have a winner here folks. There were several storythreads going on at the same time, but there was enough time dedicated to each one to get me intrigued for next week. Here are a few random thoughts:

The plot of The Good Wife “I Fought The Law” was fairly predictable. That’s not necessarily an indictment of the show. It’s just an observation. I don’t mind predictability in the plot if the acting is capable and the characters are solidly written. This was my introduction to the show, but even viewing this as my first episode I was able to easily figure out the character relationships. That made all of the plot action fairly easy to follow which is good on a show with so many simultaneous stories.

I know breaking up is hard to do, but Kalinda really takes that to a whole new level. On the one hand, it looks like she does want out of her marriage. Her soon to be ex husband certainly gave me the heebie jeebies during his initial meeting with Alicia and Cary. And she looks like he frightens her pretty good too. On the other hand, and I’m no break-up expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure you don’t break up with someone by having sex with them. At least, that’s not the most effective way to break up. Of course, neither is sending a hitman to kill your wife or stalking her at her job. I’m interested to see how this storyline plays out.

Why can’t husbands ever follow directions? I admit, I immediately suspected Zach’s traffic stop was not on the up and up. But Alicia (with Zach’s help) was doing a fine job of handling it. Then Peter. Sigh. He made things a whole lot worse than they needed to be because he had to pull out the measuring stick. Alicia said to just let her handle it, and he really should have just let her do it. Of course, if Peter were the kind of husband who listened, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t currently be trying to figure out what to tell the public about the state of his marriage. I did find it amusing that Zach’s charges all went away after the video got posted online though. God forbid someone do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do. Nope. We only do the right thing after we get 500,000 hits on YouTube. Just as an aside, it’s a sad commentary on the state of political affairs when the state attorney decides to throw the book at a candidate’s kid just because they disagree with the candidate. Zach’s arrest and subsequent prosecution had nothing to do with him actually breaking the law (or rather not breaking it) and everything to do with sticking it to his father. Kids shouldn’t have to pay for the sins (or political decisions) of their parents.

All in all, this was a solid season opening. The major story arcs for the season seem like they’re going to be the tenuous financial state of the firm and Peter’s gubernatorial campaign. It already looks like Alicia and Will may have a little bit to worry about on that front. The reporter, Peggy Byrne, doesn’t look like the type that will accept the brush off. I actually hope she won’t because I love Kristin Chenoweth and I really want to see her around. It’ll be interesting to see whether Alicia and Will are going to be outed, and if so, what the fallout from that will be.

So what did you think of The Good Wife season opener? The whole time Nathan Lane was on screen were you waiting on him to burst into song and dance? No? That was just me? Well alrighty then.