Dexter Season 7 Review “Are you…?”

Dexter Season 7 Review Are you...

Well, here we are folks. Season freaking seven! After the largest cliffhanger in Dexter history last season, we finally get to find out just what happens after Deb catches Dexter red-handed in tonight’s premiere “Are you…?” Even though many Dexter fans believed the last season to be the weakest (including myself), I was willing to overlook the messy character developments, huge leaps in logic, and general sloppy story-telling as long as this season got off to a good start. So did it? Read on to find out!

The seventh season begins right where the last left off: With Deb seeing Dexter plunge a knife into Travis Marshall’s chest, and Dexter trying to explain to Deb what he’s just done. I’m sure many of you hardcore fans have either seen the opening scenes that Showtime released after Comic-Con, or maybe you’ve seen the spoiler-filled trailers they’ve been running on the channel for about a month, but I was actually very happy with the opening scene. I loved that Deb didn’t let Dexter off the hook immediately.

After her creepy feelings for Dexter from last season (we’ll get back to that later), I was afraid that she’d just let Dexter go after he gave her the usual weak explanations that normally get him out of trouble. That’s why I was so glad to hear her question his excuses, especially considering how lame they were. “I just lost control”, Dex explains weakly. “Doesn’t explain why he’s wrapped up like that” Deb responds. You’re right, Deb, it doesn’t! I feel like Dexter’s poor excuses and lies have weaseled him out of so many situations in the past, so it’s good to see somebody call him out. According to the Dexter Wiki, (you can check it out Dexter Morgan has killed 117 people! And that’s just the ones that have been confirmed on the show! At a certain point, the people close to him have got to find out the truth.

I also feel like Dexter wasn’t doing himself any favors. He definitely came off as a little too cool and collected after he was caught. He could have acted a bit more amateurish and out of his element, and it probably would have gone a long way to keeping Deb convinced that Travis was a one-time thing. Instead he says stuff like “I know what I’m doing” (Why would you say that?!), and is a little too quick with solutions and ideas of how to rectify the situation. He was so quick to come to a solution that he actually didn’t realize he’d left Travis’ blood side behind! More on that later!

We got a little more on Louis, Jamie Batista’s boyfriend and newest member of the Miami Metro forensics team. Dex caught Louis going through his computer, and we later found out it was to cancel Dexter’s credit card! We’re not sure yet exactly what Louis’ end game is, but the fact that he has the prosthetic hand from the Ice Truck Killer case AND he knows enough about Dexter to mail it to him, it seems like he knows a little too much about Mr. Morgan. What do you think Louis is going to do? Could he perhaps be the third Moser brother; Dexter and Brian’s baby bro?

With all of these intriguing developments going on, setting up what promises to be a great season, we get to the terrible scene of Mike getting shot. I’m not saying I was a huge Mike fan, as he never really got a chance to do much on the show, but that had to be one of the most anti-climactic death scenes we’ve ever seen. Seeing the whole team salute to him was so cheesy, and you never got the sense that really anybody was too broken up about it. RIP Mike Anderson…I guess…

As for the rest of the people at Miami Metro, there’s not that much to report. Quinn is still a reprehensible jerk, but at least Batista is calling him out on it a little more. The only other member of Metro that I’m really interested in now is LaGuerta! I know! It’s crazy that one of my most hated characters from the last few seasons has actually been given a good storyline, but she found Travis’ blood slide from the church and is starting to link it with the blood slides that Doakes took back in season two! Another big call back! Way to go, Dexter writers! I’ve really hated LaGuerta of late, but here’s hoping she can really do something with a good story.

The two big guest stars for this season are Ray Stevenson of Rome fame, and Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck. While we don’t get a chance to see the lovely Yvonne Strahovski quite yet, we did get a glimpse of Ray Stevenson as Isaac, one of the heads of the Ukranian mob. It does appear that he’ll be the “big bad” of the season, but you’ve got to imagine he’ll take a flight from Kiev out to Miami soon, don’t you?

Deb continued to question Dex’s lame excuses, and she actually goes so far as to pull up the old file for the Ice Truck Killer case, and realizes that Travis Marshall was set up on the table in a very similar manner as she was! I love it when this show makes references to previous seasons, and this is a call back all the way to season one! The final scene was pretty chilling as well, as we actually see Dexter admit what he is to Deb! He actually admits to her that he’s a serial killer! Now granted she still doesn’t know everything about him. She doesn’t know for sure that he’s the Bay Harbor Butcher (Although she could probably figure that out pretty quickly after studying that blood), and she also doesn’t know that he was responsible for Miguel Prado, Arthur Mitchell, Jordan Chase, or any other big bads. I can’t wait to see how she reacts next week, and I can’t wait to see what Dexter does!

Finally, I guess I have to address the whole Deb/Dexter romance. I’ve relegated it to the final paragraph in hopes that it goes away if we just ignore it, but we’ll see. Anyway, I HATED them using the quote from season one where Dexter says “If I would have feelings for anyone, it would be Debra” in the “Previously on…” scenes. They’re using it now to make it look like Dexter had any kind of romantic feelings, and that they were setting up these feelings since season one, but that’s simply not the case. Dexter has never shown any kind of romantic tendencies towards Deb, and before last season I would argue that she never had either. They’ve always loved each other, sure, but it’s always been the love of a brother and sister. I’m just really hoping that with all of this crazy stuff from the past getting drudged up, Debra will just forget all of her squicky feelings and stick to the policin’. We can only hope!

Random Thoughts:

– I was wondering if they’d show Travis’ face; If they’d get Colin Hanks to do one last scene. They got pretty darn close, but I guess they were able to get away with just a lookalike.

– It’s kind of funny that James Remar is noticeably older as Dexter and Debra’s dad, even though it’s supposed to be a younger him in a flashback.

– You’d think with all of the times that Dexter tells Jamie he’s working late, and all of the times he tells Masuka that he’s leaving early, that he would have been caught in a lie a little earlier than tonight?