Haven “Stay” Review

Haven Stay Season 3 Episode 2 (3)

All of last week’s business surrounding Audrey’s abduction took a back seat to the crew of cavemen that invaded Haven this week in “Stay.” As expected, the caveman invasion turned out to be another Trouble-of-the-week mystery for Audrey, Nathan, and Duke to solve while collecting puzzle pieces of information related to Audrey’s past.

Those ravenous, vicious, cavemen turned out to be dogs in human form and were the result of Tor Magnusson’s Trouble. Because Magnusson had treated his family pet inhumanely, his Trouble was sparked and the dogs in Haven became humans. The particular pack that Audrey and Nathan were tracking were mostly feral dogs that had been captured by the local dog catcher. That explained their distrust of humans and their general aggressive behavior in their human form.

The dog-humans were scary when they were vicious and growling, but there was something somewhat comical about them when they would run out together in a pack. My favorite dog-human happily ran down the streets of Haven, completely naked except for the cone wrapped around his neck.

I assume that most of the dogs in Haven would have been domesticated pets, so this had the potential to be a really funny Trouble for Haven to play around with. I could imagine seniors waking up to sleeping men at their feet, or parents looking outside the window to see their children romping in the yard with a nude woman. Instead, the story stayed dark and focused on one Troubled man and the family dog with rabies.

Although Audrey was able to recognize that this dog-human thing was the result of a Trouble, it was the persistent and pesky Haven psychiatrist, Dr. Callahan, who suggested a course of action to reverse Magnusson’s Trouble. I’m not entirely sure what to make of Dr. Callahan, but I like that she’s familiar with the Troubles and doesn’t deny that they exist. If she’s being honest, Callahan seems to only be interested in helping Audrey and the others in Haven cope with the psychological trauma of the events, without trying to suggest that the effects of Troubles are all in their heads. Considering that a lot of the Troubles that affect Haven often stem from a Troubled person going through some kind of emotional change, Callhan might prove to be very helpful in controlling the Troubles.

Treating his family dog with compassion and admitting that he hadn’t taken care of the dog was enough to reverse the effects of Magnusson’s Trouble. With Audrey and Dr. Callahan talking him through the process, he was able to understand why his Trouble had been triggered and know how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

There wasn’t a whole lot of development on the Colorado Kid front, but two Haven alliances emerged in the hunt for information. Vince and Dave had put their differences aside to try and discover the identity of Audrey’s abductor and were able to uncover that Rosalyn Toomey had been murdered with a bolt gun to the back of her skull. They paid special attention to the fact that the bolt gun was used mostly in agricultural settings to slaughter animals and later revealed that a bolt gun had been used to ransack their private collection of Haven artifacts. They don’t seem to have a list of suspects yet and the fact that they’re as confused by this mysterious abductor as anyone else is, makes it all the more intriguing.

Duke and Dwight also struck up an unlikely partnership. After Dwight witnessed Duke’s reaction to getting the dog-human blood on his hands, Dwight realized what Nathan still can’t seem to understand – Duke is not the same person his father was. Dwight and Duke worked together to get information out of Dave and Vince, and while reading through old archives, Duke found out exactly what The Hunter was.

According to the Haven archives, The Hunter is a meteor storm that appears over Haven every 27 years. When Duke told Audrey about what he had found, he explained that historically, the meteor storm always happened to coincide with her vanishing mysteriously, and that the next meteor shower was going to return to Haven in 49 days.

That’s a really tight time-frame for Audrey, Nathan, and Duke to figure everything out before Audrey potentially disappears again. I’m sure the Troubles will continue to plague Haven, but they definitely don’t have much time to be passive about Audrey’s mystery anymore.