Grimm “The Good Shepherd” Review

Grimm The Good Shepherd Season 2 Episode 5 (6)

After an early start on Monday nights, Grimm is back to it’s normal time slot on Friday at 8 central. Unfortunately for me, the senate debate (which I didn’t even know what taking place) knocked the episode off of my DVR, so I was stuck watching it online. Sorry for the late review, Grimm fans!

Last night, Grimm returned with “The Good Shepherd”, where Nick is given the case of solving a murder and a church robbery. It turns out the church isn’t just an everyday church. The Reverend is actually a Blutbad and his flock? Well, they’re were-sheep. Yes, were-sheep. I had a hard time wit it, too.

Reverend Calvin admits to Nick that he knows his true identity, and since Nick can’t get close enough to the church to solve the case, so Monroe does a little undercover work to help out his friend. Things don’t end well for Monroe with the flock (and the Reverend) turn on him for infiltrating their ranks, but Monroe gets away from the group and it’s Nick and Hank to the rescue.

To add to Nick’s drama, he and Juliette are going through the issues with her memory loss. They share a moment at breakfast where they both offer to move out to give the other space… however, something clicks between the pair and they decide to give each other a chance. I’m loving the way that Grimm is playing up the awkwardness of Nick and Juliette’s relationship, but keeping the underlining feelings at the surface. I’m hoping that the writers keep going in this direction and don’t allow Juliette and Nick to get back together too quickly.

While “The Good Shepherd” was a solid return, I did miss Rosalee. Grimm is steadily getting into the second season, and I’m looking forward to more!

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