Who is Dr. Claire Callahan? Haven’s Bree Williamson Tells All

Haven Stay Season 3 Episode 2 (2)

Haven’s resident psychiatrist Dr. Claire Callahan will make her debut on Haven this week, and TV Equals was able to learn more about the character from Bree Williamson during a recent conference call. Read below to find out more about Claire, how Williamson got along the cast and more.

Who is Dr. Claire Callahan?

Williamson not only confirmed that her character will be featured in most of the episodes this season, but she also gave some background on her character. “My new role on the show is mainly be a sounding board for Audrey,  to help Audrey [Emily Rose] with her role in helping the troubled and also help her navigate through this new information that she’s processing,” she said.

Claire will also help Audrey with her personal life as well, said Williamson. “[Audrey]’s struggling with who she is and what’s wrong in her life, so as Audrey and I [go from] case to case with the troubled people, we’re also going to be dealing with her personal life,” she said.

Haven Stay Season 3 Episode 2 (1)

On working with the cast 

Joining the cast of Haven turned out to be great, according to Williamson, who thinks of the cast as new friends. “It was awesome. It was great,” she said. “I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with. They are so nice and we had a blast…I love them.”

Researching Haven

Before playing a psychiatrist, Williamson played a character that could have been one of Claire’s patients. “I had done research because I had to play [a person with] multiple personalities on another show,” she said, saying that due to the amount of research she did for that role, she felt she didn’t need to do much research for her current one.

Most of her research focused on Haven itself, she said. “I didn’t have to do much research… apart from watching other episodes of Haven to get the vibe of the show and the timing  and what they were looking for, to kind of blend in with the other characters,” she said.

What makes Haven great

Haven has become such a hit among its fans, and Williamson believes it has a lot to do with the character-driven drama of show. “You have Audrey who’s the lead and the heroine of the show, and is really strong, relatable female character,” she said. “And then you have Nathan who’s like…the dark and brooding police officer and then you have Eric, [who’s] kind of like the rebel.”

Williamson makes her debut on Haven Friday, September 28 at 10/9c on SyFy.

Bree Wiliamson as Claire Callahan