The Office “Roy’s Wedding” Review

The Office Season 9 Episode 2 "Roy's Wedding" (1)

As we head into the final season, recurring characters from The Office past are expected to crop up, and as you might have guessed from the episode’s title, “Roy’s Wedding,” this was no exception to the rule. Yes, the Roy of the title was indeed Pam’s ex (David Denman), and brother Kenny (Michael Patrick McGill) was on hand as well. Pam gets an unexpected invite to the wedding, where she discovers, much to her horror, that Roy has got it together. He’s rich, drives an expensive car, has a beautiful bride, and, to top it off, in a hilarious bit of detail, he’s learned to play piano and serenades his beloved with a little Billy Joel. The look on Pam’s face says it all.

As Pam worries whether she & Jim still have any surprises for each other, we can’t help but wonder the same thing. Granted, Jim has that side business thing going, which could easily go south, bringing about some changes of the bad variety- especially since Pam vetoed it in the first place & Jim did it anyway. We’ll see.

By contrast, Andy (Ed Helms) and Erin (Ellie Kemper) are still in the relatively cute stage. Their subplot is easily the episode’s best, with newbie Clark (Clark Duke) trying to do the casting couch type thing with Erin- and succeeding in convincing her to come to his place and shoot some audition footage for a newscaster job. Of course, Andy finds out and inserts himself into the situation, with admittedly amusing results. The news-casting angle also brings out the evening’s best line, a great off-color joke about Walter Cronkite (!) from Meredith (Kate Flannery).

There’s also some amusing business with the always-welcome Darryl (Craig Robinson) playing the consigliore for Andy, resulting in another great bit from Robinson: “He thinks I like The Godfather because I’m black. I like The Godfather because I’m a cine-file. I like Scarface because I’m black.” Pretty genius. Love the Robinson. I sometimes think I’ll miss him the most. (Not that he’ll have any trouble finding work elsewhere…)

Last and least, plot-line wise, was the battle between Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Nellie (Catherine Tate) over “Taliban rules” at the office. It’s probably only right that Dwight have an off week this week after the excellent physical comedy he did last week as he tried to repeatedly balance on a tightrope to no avail.

Here, Nellie steals a pen from Dwight, and, by the rules he agreed to by signing a document Nellie conjured up, he must cut off her hand in penance. Though the bit about the font was cute- always love a good font joke- the resulting antics just weren’t that funny, as Dwight couldn’t bring himself to go through with it. Instead the two end up watching “127 Hours” together, a joke funnier in theory than exercise, though I suppose if you didn’t get it, it didn’t really matter.

All in all, “Roy’s Wedding” was not as good an episode as the premiere, though clearly the seeds were being sown for other payoffs down the line in the season. In addition to the bit about Jim’s side business, there were also some implication that there might be a romance brewing for Erin and newbie Pete (Jake Lacy), as well as-shudder- Dwight and Nellie. I thought Pete made slightly more of an impression this time out. There might be more to him than meets the eye, after all, and Lacy got off some good line reads- I liked that slightly defensive bit about having “other friends” outside of the office.

Clark came off a bit creepy, on the other hand, but I think that was the idea- I liked when he slid that “camisole” into the type of clothes Erin should wear and quipped about “things being higher up.” Few do nervous geek-ery better than Duke these days. Well played, sir.

In a weird way, I think they tried a bit too hard to stuff too much in where they didn’t need it this week. I get that it’s the last season, but I wouldn’t have complained about a bit more with Roy at the wedding, and especially more with the Erin and Andy news team. They were pretty adorable, and Erin looked pretty fetch in her red dress.

Still, “Roy’s Wedding” was about on the same level as last week’s ep, overall. Hopefully, things will get better as we go, now that the newbies are relatively established, and some set-up has been gotten out of the way. Here’s hoping.

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