Grey’s Anatomy “Going Going Gone” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Premiere ELLEN POMPEO

Indeed, dying changes everything.

Grey’s Anatomy kicked off its ninth season in the aftermath of the tragic crash in which Lexie Grey died. Based on casting announcements over the summer and the high body count already amassed by Shonda Rhimes during the past eight seasons of the show, it was apparent that more deaths would come.

Many viewers may have been disappointed that the episode picked up without showing us how the doctors were rescued. Fear not, next week’s episode will satisfy our curiosity with a long-awaited flash back that will reveal how the survivors made it from the wreckage.

In many ways, Seattle Grace had become a bit of a bizarro world. You know things have changed when Meredith is referred to as Medusa and Miranda is now known as Booty Call Bailey.

While Meredith channeled her inner Medusa as a coping mechanism, Alex continued to bury his troubles in women – both literally and figuratively. I hope that his decision to stay at Seattle Grace is a signal that Alex will continue to grow and open himself up to someone again. His decision to stay in the closet as Callie cried, indicated that the warm, compassionate person was still there. All the tail in the world can’t suppress it, Alex!

Feeny!!! Fans of the old ABC sitcom, Boy Meet World, should have recognized William Daniels (better known as George Feeny) braving the Minnesota weather outside the Mayo Clinic with Christina. Not even my beloved Feeny and face time chat with Meredith will keep Christina at the Mayo clinic. They were just too warm and fuzzy and way too chatty for her taste. Despite the program’s reputation, Christina appears to be too talented to ever be challenged at the Mayo Clinic. She’ll be back in Seattle soon. How else is she going to reunite with Owen if she doesn’t return to Seattle? That’s not happening over e-mail!

Although it was common knowledge that Eric Dane was leaving Grey’s Anatomy, I still found myself ill prepared to deal with his death. Per McSteamy’s wishes, he was removed from life support thirty days after being in a coma. The flashbacks felt a little bumpy at times but it was nice to see his friends still engaging him with conversation despite being his being in a coma. Okay, I’ll admit it. I got a little teary eyed when Jackson assured him that he could take the reigns in plastics. And I cried a little more as Dr. Weber walked us through the process of removing Mark’s life support. I will miss Mark. Grey’s can be a bit dark at times and he was a welcomed source of levity.

I should be accustomed to the fact that at times, Christina is Meredith’s one true love, but I still struggled with her decision to leave the hospital as Derek watched his best friend die. Sure, as a story about best friends it makes sense that Meredith would want to be with hers. However, her husband is also her best friend and the sight of Derek alone at home feeding Zola was crushing.

Thankfully, Derek appears to have found a friend and source of support in Callie. Unfortunately, Callie is also alone and reeling as Arizona blames her for the loss of her leg. Heartbreaking.

In one of the few bright moments of the episode, Hunt decided to wrangle up April from the farm. Oh yeah, there were some new residents at Seattle Grace. It’s just too soon for me to get invested in them. I’ll wait a few episodes to see who gets fired, who quits or gets killed before taking any deeper interest. There’s no way an entire class of residents makes it to the end of the season on this show.

Although somber, I thought the premiere was pretty good and trust the wait for the rescue scenes next week will be worth it. What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere? Sound off below!