‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Actress Jane Kaczmarek To Guest On ‘The Middle’

Jane Kaczmarek of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ fame is headed to ABC’s family comedy The Middle this season as divulged by The Hollywood Reporter.

Kaczmarek is scheduled to appear as the teacher of Frankie’s (Patricia Heaton) from career college. The two will reportedly get off to a bad start after first meeting. The air date of the actress’ guest stint has yet to be confirmed.

Known best as the stressed out and stern mother, Lois, of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, Kaczmarek has worked on several small screen productions over the course of her career. She has voiced the role of Judge Constance Harm on Fox’s ‘The Simpsons’ and has appeared in ‘Help Me Help You’, ‘Raising the Bar’ and the TV movie ‘Who Gets the Parents’.

She has also been seen in the long running drama ‘Felicity’ in the role of Carol Anderson, ‘Party of Five’, ‘Cybil’, the family comedy ‘Frasier’ alongside actor Kelsey Grammer, ‘Pleasantville’, and more recently ‘Lost on Purpose’, ‘Whitney’, FX’s hit show ‘Wilfred’, and ‘Reviving Ophelia’. Tell us what you think Middle fans are you ready to see two of TV’s most famous sitcom moms go toe to toe?

‘The Middle’ currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm est on the ABC Network.