Law and Order: SVU “Lost Reputation; Above Suspicion” Review

Law & Order: SVU Season 14 Premiere "Lost Reputation; Above Suspicion"
Law and Order: SVU left us with a pretty crazy cliffhanger last season, and it took two hours and the combined episodes of “Lost Reputation” and “Above Suspicion” to clean up the mess. If you remember, Cragen was framed for the murder of an escort and SVU got caught up in the war between the city’s two big pimps with no idea who was playing whom.

Well, it turned out they could really only trust themselves and, to my surprise, Cassidy who I was fairly certain was going to have crossed over to the dark side. Should have had more faith in the former SVU-er. We also met a new character, Captain Steve Harris (fandom favorite Adam Baldwin), who took over SVU when Cragen was arrested. I like him. He’s tough, he plays by the rules, but he also seems fair. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

As for the case(s)…hard to sum up in just a few sentences. We knew all along that SVU was being framed and played with by these two pimps who were really just trying to take each other out. In the end, they both were proven to be murderers who absolutely deserved to be taken out. I’m surprised Cassidy was able to escape with only two bullet holes; I was even more surprised that Olivia kissed him in the hospital. She turned him down back in season one, but with her ADA man resigning in the wake of the scandal, I guess he’s looking pretty shiny.

The SVU detectives didn’t just bust two pimps; they took down a prositution and corruption ring that reached into every branch of law and order. Cops, ADA’s, senators…it will be years before criminal justice in Manhattan has any credibility and I hope that’s not just something that’s forgotten about or treated like it never happened. I suspect it probably will be, but I still hold out hope.

All in all, they were good episodes that did exactly what they were meant to do: frustrate the viewer as we were left wondering just how bad things could get for our team. My only complaint was that it was so painfully obvious that the specially assigned ADA was on one of the pimp’s payroll. As soon as we learned that she had a handicapped daughter, I knew that she was either on the take or was going to end up on the take.

I think it’s also only my love of Danny Pino that’s leftover from my days as a Cold Case fan that is keeping me from not liking Amaro. He’s a hot-head, yet less stable than Stabler. Not a good combination. Stabler had his partnership with Olivia to keep him grounded. Amaro hasn’t endeared himself to Liv enough to get her as his rock. Only badness can follow.

What did you think of the episodes? Did you appreciate the fact that they only mentioned the celebrity ball-grabber headline in passing and that we didn’t have to watch an entire episode about it? Let me know below! You can also always follow me on Twitter @krieli1.