Glee “Makeover” Review

Glee Season 4 Episode 3 Makeover

After two great opening episodes of Glee, the quality obviously had to let up at some point, and episode three, ‘Makeover,’ demonstrates that inevitable dip.

That’s not to say that it’s a terrible episode, but feels a lot more mixed-up and confused than the first two did and illustrates the potential pitfalls of this brave new structure. While the Lima storyline feels half thought out, for example, Kurt and Rachel’s experiences in New York are an exercise in treading water. A certain ex-boyfriend turns up in the final moments, however, and next week should finally see us getting somewhere with the graduates’ collective storyline. I’m still wondering where Santana, Mercedes, Quinn and Mike are, to be perfectly honest, and it bums me out when I think they might not be as big a feature as we first thought.

This week sees Rachel getting a makeover after she realises how similar she is to her old high-school self. Going to college is all about reinventing yourself, and it really is nice to see her dressed a little more edgy for a change. As Kurt later says, she threw away her reindeer sweater and that’s a huge step. Speaking of Kurt, “Makeover” sees the small-time fashionista score a job at It’s laughably easy for him to get his foot wedged in the door and, while I like the Sarah Jessica Parker character so far, she’s completely unbelievable as one of the editors at the top fashion magazine in the world.

I was first in line last year to defend Glee‘s depiction of lost graduates and panicky seniors, and now that all seems slightly wasted. It dabbled in the harshness of the world with Rachel’s Miranda July storyline, but Kurt’s success at wipes that reality out in one outlandish move. This episode is a feverish dream of what people would want New York life to be, but life is hard, and seeing a little struggle in the lives of these graduates would be very welcome at this point. Kurt’s been there a week and he’s already invited to meetings? It really shouldn’t be that easy.

At the same time, it’s nice to have a feel-good storyline amongst the mild misery going on elsewhere. Glee is a feel-good show at its heart and I can understand the writers wanting to highlight someone actually achieving their dreams right out of the nest. Back at McKinley, however, Blaine has a hard time when noting how he’d only ever left Dalton for the love of Kurt, making his continued public school existence a little depressing. One part of Kurt’s experience that I liked in this episode was their strained relationship, which marked one realistic note in a sea of fantastical glory. It’s worrying for all of those Klaine fans out there, especially when we know there’ll be some emotional drama next week.

The story back home surrounds this year’s senior class president elections, with Artie and Brittany running against Sam and Blaine. They’re still pushing the Brittany/Sam partnership, probably because they’re the only two Glee characters who haven’t hooked up yet, but they seem more like great friends at this point. Maybe I’m misreading the signals, but I’d much rather see Mercedes and Santana again than have them start something new just because they can. On that note, it was nice seeing Artie and Brittany together again, even if the latter didn’t remember their brief relationship. And did anyone else think it a little sad when Brittany wanted to outlaw weekends and vacations? That girl needs some TLC, and soon.

The music this weekend was good, if a little forgettable. We started off with Blaine’s ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ before moving on to a rendition of ‘Celebrity Skin’. This was probably a season highlight for me, since we rarely get to see Glee doing different genres of music. Surprisingly, Brittany seems to have a really good rock voice, and Hole’s attitude suits her better than any Britney Spears song ever could. Then SJP gets her turn in the spotlight with a mash-up of ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ and ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile’. Finally, keeping with the theme, Rachel and Brody flirt with ‘A Change Would do You Good’, leading to some artistic frolicking down the streets of New York.

What did you think of “Makeover”? Did you want to see Kurt struggle a little more? What will happen with Finchel next week? Let us know in the comments.

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